Parkwoods Cleaners Invites Green Cleaning for Earth Day

Parkwoods Cleaners of Stockton, the only California dry cleaner using Solvair, welcomes dirty clothes needing environmentally friendly cleaning.

Stockton, CA, April 22, 2009 --( After suffering a devastating fire in late 2005, Parkwoods Cleaners reopened last summer with a new location and a new way of cleaning. Parkwoods is the only dry cleaner in California using the innovative Solvair Cleaning System. Solvair enables Parkwoods to provide customers with superior quality cleaning and a cleaning process which is truly green.

The Solvair Cleaning System is something entirely new and different from traditional dry cleaning, wet cleaning, or CO2 cleaning. It is a new and radically different garment care option for consumers and represents a major scientific breakthrough in cleaning technology: an eco-friendly clothing care technology that truly works.

Solvair uses a biodegradable cleaning fluid that has a superior cleaning ability and a history of use in a wide range of everyday products. The unique heat-free drying and highly effective cleaning processes make Solvair ideal for protecting clothing and cleaning delicate items. Clothes float in liquid and CO2 vapor, cushioning them from tumbling damage, which increases the life of garments. Solvair has built-in systems to purify and reuse the biodegradable cleaning liquid, the CO2 and water used by the process. Solvair is energy efficient and its waste rates are also half that of conventional cleaning.

”After researching new technologies for the reopening of Parkwoods, we were enthusiastic about the opportunity to provide our customers with clothes cleaned in Solvair. Solvair offers an ecologically- sound cleaning system that really cleans, unlike other so-called ‘green’ systems that don't clean well,” reports owner Jeff Kitto. “Our customers could not be happier with the results of garments cleaned in Solvair – whites come out whiter and colors are brighter. Parkwoods is proud to offer clean, odor-free clothes to our customers in a process that is safe for the environment.”

The California Environmental Protection Agency’s Air Resources Board has confirmed that Solvair is an approved technology for professional cleaning in California.

About Parkwoods Cleaners
Located in Stockton, Parkwoods Cleaners is owned by Jeff Kitto whose family has been in the business more than 90 years. Parkwoods has been voted San Joaquin County's finest drycleaner for the last 15 years. Parkwoods is the only cleaner in California offering the innovative Solvair Cleaning System. To find the Parkwoods Cleaners near you, please call (209) 477 4397.

About Solvair
Solvair is a major breakthrough in the science of cleaning: a green clothing care technology that truly works. Every facet of Solvair has been designed to produce the most effective cleaning available, removing a wider range of dirt and types of stains than any other process, including traditional drycleaning. Being environmentally friendly is at the core of Solvair’s design. Solvair uses a biodegradable cleaning liquid and recycled CO2 in a system designed to maximize recycling and minimize both energy use and waste. For more information about Solvair, please visit

Solvair Cleaning System
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