– Community, Knowledge, Profit is a Stock Picking Community for Indian Investors and Traders. On Investors and Traders share stock picks. Their Investor Rating System tracks and aggregates stock pick performance and then rates members - so that people can identify and track star performers. aims to bring transparency to equity market investment and trading advice.

Mumbai, India, April 24, 2009 --( With so many networking sites mushrooming on the internet over the years, breathes a new sense of freshness with its niche on creating a stock picking social network. According to Gautam Kshatriya, CEO,, the website’s the focus is on generating “great content created by knowledgeable and enthusiastic traders and investors”. Started in June 2008, MoneyVidya now boasts of almost 2500 registered users. Just a month back, MoneyVidya wrapped up an All India B-School Stock Picking Competition which was a massive hit, with over 200 participants from 12 of the country’s top B schools like IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore, IIM Calcutta, IIM Lucknow et all.

So what exactly does MoneyVidya do?

Alex Frankl, the CFO MoneyVidya, says “the value of a stock pick is determined by two things. Firstly, the track record of the person making the pick. Secondly, how well matched the pick is with your personal investment goals.” is an online community where anybody can share stock recommendations. Its differentiator from standard message boards and other social investing sites is its superior Investor Rating System, which rates each member (on a 5 star scale) based the performance of past recommendations (stock picks) that the member has shared with the community. Since the rating takes into account the past performance rather than the user feedback, it ceases to be a popularity contest, which most social networks eventually turn out to be.

On you can:

Discuss stocks, sectors and investment strategies with friends and top rated members
Make stock picks and become a top member
Find and profit from picks which match your personal investment style

The central features of are the ability to follow stock picks that other members have made, analyze their track record and investment style and to establish personal credibility by making your own stock picks for the community.

Why is MoneyVidya different?
More focus on stock picking with discussions and chatting at the sidelines.

MoneyVidya allows everyone to be a stock analyst and give their picks. Also, it allows the users to follow the relevant picks from expert analysts and make informed decisions. Further, the website has a blog featuring some of the prominent financial bloggers who contribute with their expert comments and analysis. MoneyVidya thus proves to be a perfect starting point for a new stock market enthusiast as well as a perfect playing ground for the existing gurus.

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