NoMachine Provides World-Wide Access to One of World's Largest Synchrotrons

ESRF x-ray source fuels international research via NX.

Rome, Italy, April 25, 2009 --( NoMachine, creator and global provider of NX desktop and application delivery software, today announced European Synchrotron Radiation Facility's (ESRF) deployment of NX to share the rare source of generated light beams with many simultaneous experiments to make new scientific discoveries about a wide range of materials—from biomolecules to nanomagnets. ESRF, located in Grenoble, France, is a joint scientific facility shared by 19 European countries with one of the top three largest synchrotrons in the world.

A widely shared resource, ESRF hosts 6,000 researchers annually and NX provides them the ability to easily access the software which controls the beamline from home or remote locations across the world. Traveling to ESRF, which is often difficult for many scientists, is no longer required as NX provides them with access to the Unix graphical applications needed in order to control the ESRF accelerator and debug beamline control computer problems from anywhere. The mobile connectivity of NX allows scientists to connect to the ESRF environment through the NX Client within minutes, regardless of their location, to access their software and analyze data.

ESRF worked closely with NoMachine Value partner, TeMPO Consulting, in the initial pre-sales consultancy, who advised them on the best solution for their infrastucture: NX Enterprise Servers. Maurice Moretti, Director of TeMPO, comments, “Owing to the easy and straightforward set-up, configuration procedure and stability of the NX software, our intervention has been kept to a minimum. This has always been a strong-point of NX and one that ESRF, in particular, have been grateful for because of their need for a high-performing environment.”

Research performed by scientists using ESRF can be a very long and intense process. NX's session resiliency allows scientists to run time-consuming, long duration applications and continue to access and follow them from home or another location. Furthermore, since almost all of ESRF's applications run on Unix systems, NX proved to be a perfect fit as the most efficient and effective solution on the market for access to the ESRF remote desktops.

“The success of NX in the ESRF environment has recently led the organization to implement NX for all experiments conducted remotely,” System Administrator, Didier Gervaise said. “We have had hundreds of users from across the globe register for access to the ESRF system using NoMachine NX and this number continues to grow."

NX Enterprise Server, being licensed per-server and not per-user, can host tens, or even hundreds of concurrent sessions on a single computer, bringing the cost of large-scale deployments down to a fraction of competing products. Enterprises and organizations leverage the power of NX Enterprise Server to maximize their hosted desktop deployment and to allow mobile and remote user access to applications across any network, using any device. Whether accessing applications from home or on the road, NX Server's outstanding compression, session resilience and resource management allows users to access their application environment securely, quickly and efficiently.

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About ESRF
The European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF), located in Grenoble, France is a joint scientific facility supported and shared by 19 European countries. ESRF operates the most powerful synchrotron radiation source in Europe. Several thousand researchers travel to Grenoble each year to work in a first-class scientific environment and many more remotely access their technology and resources with NX to conduct exciting experiments at the cutting edge of modern science. For more information, please visit

Katie Glossner