Training Courses for Teachers Teaching Italian as a Foreign Language

All the information about the Intensive Courses of Basic Training for Italian language Teachers offered by the School Leonardo da Vinci in the cities of Rome, Milan and Florence.

Florence, Italy, April 26, 2009 --( Becoming a qualified Italian language teacher for foreign students requires a strong preparation and a continuous update. Therefore, it is necessary to attend courses which can improve teachers’ skills and certify at the same time their proficiency.

Just from teachers’ demands who wish to have a complete preparation on teaching Italian as a foreign language, it was born the idea of School Leonardo da Vinci, leader figure in Italian teaching to foreigners, to create a very interesting training course: the Intensive Course of Basic Training for Italian Language Teachers teaching Italian as a foreign language.

Next Intensive Basic Course will start on June at School Leonardo da Vinci in Milan (June 1st-12th), Florence (June 15th-26th) and Rome (June, 29th – July, 10th). The course lasts 70 hours (54 lessons of theory and 16 of practice) and is divided into six lesson plans created to face the several and different participants’ needs.

A part of the course will be entirely dedicated to a specific module in preparation for the exam aimed to the Ditals certification achievement, a diploma issued by the University for Foreigners of Siena, which certifies the ability level of the teachers of Italian as a foreign language.

In an attempt to provide Italian teachers the most effective ways to put in practice the last innovations in the field of foreign language teaching, this course is based on teacher’s direct observation of classes with different linguistic knowledge levels, encouraging in this way the research of the most appropriate methods and materials for teaching activities.

In addition, to meet all the needs of several foreign teachers of Italian language, this course is included in the projects SOCRATES Comenius/Grundtvig III of the European Community.

The Intensive Training Course therefore, is oriented towards everyone who chose to become a teacher of Italian as a foreign language and want a complete and updated training which the contemporary foreign language teaching requires.

All the information about the courses are available on the website of the Italian Language School for foreigners Leonardo da Vinci.

School Leonardo Da Vinci
Alessandra Ricci