Car Dealership Reduces Outside Light Cost $1,000 Per Month with Induction Lighting

Columbiana Buick Cadillac Chevrolet Saves Big with Induction Lighting from Energy Efficient Lighting Supply.

Columbus, OH, April 26, 2009 --( Columbiana Buick Cadillac is located in Northeast Ohio, and is one of the largest Cadillac Dealership in the State. Dave Flynn, Owner has been active in initiating “Green” improvements throughout his Facility. His latest project, Energy Efficient Parking Lot lighting.

Flynn teamed up with the Lighting Professionals at Energy Efficient Lighting Supply who performed a Lighting Audit to pin point Energy Saving Opportunities and engineered a customs solution to fit his needs. Columbiana Buick Cadillac has three lots which were lighted by 50 1,000 watt Metal Halide fixtures.

Part one of the Energy Efficient improvements was cutting the wattage of each fixture by 68% or 755 watts.

This was achieved by retrofitting the Metal Halide fixtures to Induction lamps and ballast. Retrofitting the existing fixtures made the project even more attractive, eliminating the need for new costly fixtures.

Part Two of the Energy Efficient improvement is what makes this Dealership unique being the only installation of its kind in the country. Flynn’s Parking Lot pole lights are duel controlled using photo electric and motion sensors to activate.

This revolutionary process turns on the Parking Lot lighting when needed during business hours and after hours automatically switches to motion sensors which activate individual poles lights when motion is detected in its zone. This allows all lights to be off during non business hours while activating when an intruder enters the Lot.

The benefits don’t stop there, this project pays for itself. Electric Lighting Consumption has been cut and maintenance expenses have been dramatically reduced due to the long lifetime of Induction lamps. With a ROI of 41% and a payback of less than 2.5 years this improvement is an excellent investment. – Energy Efficient Lighting Supply 1-800-337-1196.

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Michael Hale