Traverse Bay Farms Used as Secret Ingredient in Chef’s Challenge

Traverse Bay Farms Red Raspberry BBQ Sauce Used as Secret Ingredient in Chef’s Challenge.

Bellaire, MI, April 29, 2009 --( As the competing chefs at the Second Annual Chef’s Challenge Event at Shanty Creek Resort were given their final mission of the event they found a secret ingredient from Traverse Bay Farms listed on their ingredient list. The secret ingredient the chef’s used in their final tasty creation was the newly released Hot Raspberry BBQ sauce.

“We are extremely pleased by the positive comments and feedback we received from many of the chef’s attending this year’s event. Receiving compliments on the great taste about our Hot Raspberry BBQ from some of the best chef’s in Michigan is the highest honor we hoped to receive.”, said Andy LaPointe, Director of Marketing with Traverse Bay Farms.

The company also sampled their complete line of awarding winning and gourmet fruit products to the chef’s and attending public. The company sampled the red raspberry BBQ sauce, apple BBQ sauce and the complete line of award winning fruit salsas line including peach salsa, pineapple salsa, red raspberry and cherry salsa.

The red raspberry BBQ was also the favorite food of many from the public which received free tasting samples from Traverse Bay Farms. Kathy H. from Gaylord said, “Your red raspberry BBQ sauce is the best blend of raspberries and BBQ sauce I have ever tasted. I think it would taste great on a whole variety of foods…chicken, pork and grilled salmon.”

In addition to being voted the best salsa in America two years in a row at America’s Best™ Professional Food Competition, Traverse Bay Farms is also the recipient of a “Special Tribute” from the State of Michigan.

Here is an overview of the awards won by Traverse Bay Farms at Americas Best™ Professional Food Competition:

2008 - Salsa General – Overall Salsa Category:
1st Place: Traverse Bay Farms - Peach Salsa

2008 - Salsa - Fruit Category:
3rd Place: Traverse Bay Farms - Peach Salsa

In addition to winning in 2008, Traverse Bay Farms was also voted America #1 salsa in 2007. Here is an overview of the 2007 awards.

Salsa - Fruit Category:
1st Place: Traverse Bay Farms - Pineapple Salsa
3rd Place: Traverse Bay Farms - Raspberry Salsa

Salsa - Bean Category:
1st Place: Traverse Bay Farms - Bean Salsa

Salsa General – Overall Salsa Category:
2nd Place: Traverse Bay Farms - Corn Salsa

The Chef’s Challenge is full-fledged culinary weekend featuring seminars, demonstrations and more. In addition to all of the great food and events the weekend is topped off with a competition featuring culinary teams from Northern Michigan competing against teams from Southern Michigan to determine the best team from each region. The winning teams from this earlier competition faced off in a packed room full of hungry spectators and professional judges in an Iron-Chef style cook-off.

To learn more about Traverse Bay Farms and their hot raspberry BBQ sauce and award winning salsa, visit their website at or call them toll-free at 1-877-746-7477.

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