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e-Learning for Franchisors has arrived. Franchise systems are wasting time and money relying on traditional training methods. 24/7 learning access from anywhere on the planet is a reality...and more cost-effective.

Columbus, OH, July 31, 2006 --(PR.com)-- Specializing in offering web-based e-Learning systems to franchise companies, webSolve, LLC has launched a new website - www.elearning4franchisors.com - touting the benefits of e-Learning for franchise systems.

“There really is no reason to wait. When franchisors factor in their current training costs with franchisee travel and lodging costs, it becomes quickly apparent that traditional learning methods are not cost effective,” Jim Meaney, webSolve team leader, said. “In addition, e-Learning has shown a 60% faster learning curve and 60% higher content retention than classroom training.”

Focusing on the technology while franchise systems and companies concentrate on their content is the cornerstone of webSolve’s approach—your content + our technology™.

As Meaney notes on elearning4franchisors.com, "We understand that each franchise system is unique. But that doesn't mean each learning system needs to be. The content is unique. Technology should serve the content. We have the technology and don't need to build it from scratch. So we can offer powerful learning systems at a very competitive price." Meaney is a former restaurant franchise system general counsel and vice-president of franchise development as well as the author of "How to Buy a Franchise."

The Learning Management Systems offered by webSolve accommodate a wide array of established media—manuals, charts, videos, PowerPoint presentations, recorded web-conferences—so franchise companies can simply move their existing content online without a huge capital expenditure.

Drawing on his over 20 years of franchising experience, Meaney says that webSolve knows that the key in franchising is duplication of knowledge, know-how and processes. Uniformly and consistently imparting knowledge to franchisees and their staffs is the essence of all franchise systems.

“Our e-Learning systems can transform a franchise system's knowledge into a dynamic and stimulating learning experience that can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere on the planet,” Meaney said.

The site features online demos and links to live sites using the e-Learning systems. Pricing and contact information are also available.

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