Emerging Mexico Market Tipped for Property Investment

Mexico is not often recognised for its economic prowess, never the less it has exceptional potential for economic growth, and even during the current downturn is performing exceptionally well.

Hartlepool, United Kingdom, May 01, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Mexico is one of only 2 land borders with the US, but step over that border and it is like stepping into a different world where suddenly everything costs a lot less. Because of its proximity and low prices, Mexico will always be a big US exporter.

And because of its proximity, Mexico has benefited to some extent from the global downturn, because in the giant cost-cutting exercise, importing from Mexico is a big fuel saving over its Latin American rivals.

"In recent years, many new markets began to emerge, when it became cheaper to import basic materials from abroad than buy them from within your own country. Alongside the spectacular economic growth in these countries, sprang fruitful property markets and development, Mexico was not the exception to the rule," said Julie Liddle, emerging markets analyst at overseas property portal Property Abroad.

The portal is currently advertising dozens of properties for sale in Mexico, including land plots priced from £22,000 and a stylish modern 2 bedroom villa for under £230,000.

"Mexico was one of the fastest growing property markets of 2008, when it was given what I personally call the rubber-stamp for a hot emerging market; golf courses endorsed by big names such as Jack Nicklaus and glamorous multi-million dollar marina's for the yachts of the rich and famous," Julie explained.

"There are some excellent opportunities for property investors in Mexico, but as with anywhere, especially emerging markets, due-diligence is the key," she concluded.

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