Debt Busting Revolution Promises Bang for Buck

Backed by years of development and supported by an experienced and qualified team, Conscious Budget & Debt Reduction, Inc. is now helping people all across America get themselves out of the cycle of debt and stay debt free.

Traverse City, MI, May 03, 2009 --( A new system helping everyday Americans wipe out debt is causing a stir right across the country.

Conscious Budget & Debt Reduction is an online system that stands out from competitors because of its low fees and positive, lasting results.

Founder of Conscious Budget, Sonya L. VandeKerkhof, said this is the first system of its kind and it is relevant for anyone wanting to get out of debt and stay debt free.

“This is a proven system, built through years of experience working with clients in debt,” said Ms. VandeKerkhof.

“It is the only debt solution I know of that coaches clients to get themselves out of debt and, through the knowledge they gain, stay that way.”

“Unlike many debt consolidation firms, we don’t charge thousands of dollars. And if clients follow the path we give them they should never need a debt consolidation firm again.”

Conscious Budget is revolutionary but it is not complex. It guides clients step by step through the process of eliminating debt and makes it as easy as possible for them to learn to make conscious choices.

All of this happens right from the privacy of your own home.

Ms VandeKerkhof adds, “Because the Conscious Budget & Debt Reduction system is available via the Internet, you can live anywhere in America and benefit from this amazing tool. If you are in debt, you can’t afford not to try it.”

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Conscious Budget & Debt Reduction, Inc.
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