Funding Roadmap Tops the Transparency Technology Competition

Of the more than 530 ideas posted on transparency technology competition, Unismart Capital Software Inc's new digital online business plan and due diligence reporting system, the Funding Roadmap, made it to the top of the most commented list.

Las Vegas, NV, May 07, 2009 --( For one week beginning April 27th, the National Academy of Public Administration, on behalf of the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board and the U.S. Office of Management and Budget, hosted a national online dialogue to engage leading information technology (IT) vendors, thinkers, and consumers in answering a key question: What ideas, tools, and approaches can make a place where the public can transparently monitor the expenditure and use of recovery funds?

Of the more than 530 ideas posted, Unismart Capital Software Inc.'s new digital online business plan and due diligence reporting system, at, made it to the top of the most commented list.

The Funding Roadmap™ provides a networked, online, eco-friendly, business planning and reporting solution with complete transparency to help achieve the goals of the government, entrepreneurs, investors and lenders alike. As company CEO Ruth Hedges has stated, “Our system improves the speed, responsiveness and accuracy of information across the entire funding industry, and can help to prevent fraud and misuse of funds reviewed by different government agencies and the public on the website.” She adds, “As Funding Roadmap is embraced, we expect to contribute to a new, reality-based economic recovery where great ideas well executed can create an expanding yet sustainable prosperity.”

As in the late 1800s, this is a time of dramatic technological innovation at a crucial moment in history. Thousands of inventors and entrepreneurs are striving to create a necessarily new world. Just now, unfortunately, entrepreneurs are trying to do it when the credit markets have dried up and diminished capital sources have moved to the sidelines. Even as the government bolsters the financial system, the information systems used to fund new businesses or shore up stressed ones are still languishing in the 1900s. Business plan and due diligence reporting remain, for all practical purposes, still inscribed on parchment at a time when they most certainly should be provided in a comprehensive, transparent and globally accessible online format.

“As an online reporting system,” Hedges asserts, “Funding Roadmap can markedly improve the odds of financing a small business by providing a fast, affordable, web-based business plan alternative for the millions of Americans willing and able to take the job of economic stimulation into their own hands. This is a timely matchmaking tool for the marriage of capital to new and expanding businesses and the businesses receiving the recovery money and would clearly benefit everyone if our product were included in the tools and technology the government is looking for from the public in their request for ideas.”'

27 million small business owners, along with millions of startups yet to come (many developed by 12 million-plus unemployed Americans), and the government now have access to a standardized online platform to analyze and report the development and funding of their enterprises. Hedges says, “The light is on at the end of the tunnel. With Funding Roadmap’s GAAP compliant financial statements, due diligence report and video elevator pitch, investors and lenders will have a pool of verifiable reality-based investment proposals at their fingertips, while entrepreneurs with sound proposals will have easier access to the global funding community.” Hedges continues, “The sharability, transparency and clarity provided by Funding Roadmap’s platform updates the funding process and startup development methods for the internet age. The feedback we received in the indicates that people are taking notice.”

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