Kiss the Lipstick Effect Goodbye

When women are depressed about the recession the previous notion of the “lipstick effect” was that women buy lipstick to be their pick-me-up. Instead, women are turning to April Rain Skin Science® to be their sweet escape and ageless drop of moisture.

Issaquah, WA, May 07, 2009 --( The current recession is affecting everyone and having a devastating impact on many industries. The car industry is in shambles, the banks are sub-prime to say the least and government bailouts are seemingly becoming commonplace. With this down economy, it’s easy to succumb to negative feelings and get a dim outlook on the future. To counteract this in the past, women would buy lipstick to make them feel better. However, in this recession women are changing their beauty focus with April Rain Skin Science®.

Mintel Research has dismissed the lipstick effect in a new report that looks into the buying habits of beauty consumers in the recession. While the survey found the lipstick effect defective, Mintel said the beauty business as a whole is resilient. Most consumers reported no change in their buying habits and in some categories; most respondents said they would spend the same or more.

With money tight, women can’t rely on lipstick so they are searching for products that will really improve their skin and appearance. Because of this, April Rain Skin Science® is thriving in this tough economy. The reason for April Rain®’s success is their Rainew® collection. The Rainew® collection is every women’s solution to skin care in just two products. When skin is thirsty, Night Rainew® is the answer containing 21 hydrating elements and groundbreaking intelligent time-released hydration. Day Rainew® is like a multivitamin for skin, providing super-defense for wrinkle-resistant skin with its 16 free-radical fighting antioxidants.

“It is a common perception that lipstick sales go up in times of economic adversity, yet this research reveals a very different picture. Hair care and skin care are actually the beauty categories where women are spending the same or more,” said Nica Lewis, head consultant, Mintel Beauty Innovation.

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