A Billion Shouts On One Multi-Featured New Site

With his new information, social networking and promotion site all wrapped in one, Itzhak Schier, the "serial cyberentrepreneur, aims to reach one billion "shouts" of information.

Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, May 07, 2009 --(PR.com)-- A billion entries, each entry consisting of a uniquely titled "shout" which appears on the front page, and links to a Billioneer Page, or an extended profile and information mini-site, is what "serial cyberentrepreneur" Itzhak Schier, an American Chabad-Lubavitch Chassidic Jew living in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, is setting as his goal for his new website, ABillionShouts.com.

The site is intended mostly as a site for information, promotion, and entertainment, but it also contains elementary social networking functions such as private messaging and a blog like comment system. Schier intends to add more social networking features such as a friends list and groups as the site develops, but for now, experts believe it has more than sufficient functionality to succeed and become an Internet phenomenon.

A small fee is charged to post a shout, as the text of each shout is exclusive to the member, known in site parlance as a Billioneer, who posts it, and it cannot be duplicated by another user or changed by the original Billioneer. As Schier plans to introduce a way for Billioneers to sell their exclusive titles to incoming users, attempts to duplicate existing shouts by adding numbers or punctuation are also not permitted.

"You can even use an exclamation point as the title of your Shout, and that is what will appear on the main page," Itzhak Schier explains. "But where your Shout is on the site main pages depends on how often you update it and how many people click on it as well as how many comments there are. It is a real meritocracy, and everyone is on a level playing field as it does not matter whether a little candy store or a big food manufacturer gets the title candy - it belongs to whoever gets it first." In addition, directories and search functions by Billioneer selected keywords and categories are featured on ABillionShouts.com, so that as Schier says: "No matter where you are, people will find you, and your Shout will always be one in a billion!"

The abbreviation BS"D that has appeared on Schier's previous sites is very much evident here; as per the page that is linked to it, the abbreviation represents Schier's beliefs and ethical standards as a Chassidic Jew, for it means With The Help of Heaven (G-d).

With the many features and extremely low cost of entry, it won't only be Divine assistance that will propel ABillionShouts.com. Analysts see it as a viable substitute for display advertising and social network advertising as the site will attract more and more attention while it grows exponentially thanks to the originality of the concept, the combination of features, and the theme of reaching a billion.

A Billion Shouts!
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