US Not Prepared to Handle Nation’s Largest Crime

The US is ill prepared to properly support Victims of the Nation's largest and fastest growing crime – personal identity theft. Asurency is the Leader in Global Identity Protection offering victims and non-victims the most comprehensive identity theft prevention, protection and resolution services in the industry and at the best prices.

Chaska, MN, May 08, 2009 --( National Crime Victims Rights’ Week Reveals Nation Needs More Support for Victims of ID Theft.

The end of National Crime Victims Rights’ Week (NCVRW: April 26 – May 2) and the 25th Anniversary of the Victims of Crime Act makes one thing perfectly clear, the Nation is ill prepared to properly support Victims of the largest and fastest growing crime – personal identity theft. “There were nearly 10 Million Victims of Identity Theft in 2008, up 47%, and that number is expected to grow in 2009,” stated Dianne Cutter, CEO/President of Asurency, a Global ID Protection and Resolution provider. “People continue to label Identity Theft as a victimless crime. Victims of ID Theft feel physical and emotional trauma for years, just like other crime Victims, yet they are left to fend for themselves to recover their most prized asset – their good name.”

The combination of the current economic downturn and the Nation’s increased dependencies and use of technology has bread a criminal group that not only continuously grows but also continuously evolves. And as the Victim count and their need for help grows the deficiencies in support and the repercussions become more evident. “A Victim spends an average of 200 or more hours recovering their identity. This is time spent away from work, family and loved ones. And the recovery process can take years which affects loans, job searches, credit and, most importantly, a person’s health due to stress and anxiety,” stated Cutter, “unfortunately Victims usually go through the recovery process feeling alone and helpless.”

2008 US Identity Theft facts are staggering:
· An Identity is stolen every 3 seconds – 1 in 23 Adults are Victims
· Identity Theft Victims lost $48 Billion

“People can reduce the risk of ID Theft through education and awareness (tips and resources are on What people need to realize is that there are no guaranteed prevention techniques. Some ID Theft experts even state that it’s not “if” you’ll get your Identity stolen but “when” will it happen. In the event a person’s Identity is stolen Asurency members are provided experts (case managers) that will handle all aspects of the recovery process. Case managers contact Victims weekly with updates on the recovery progress. We understand the stress and anxiety of ID Theft so we make the recovery process as painless and expedient as possible,” added Cutter.

ID Theft Top 10:
ID Theft Tips:

Asurency offers the most comprehensive identity theft services in the industry along with the exclusive Personal Records Vault. Asurency is “The Leader in Global Identity Protection” and is supported by Europ Assistance, a global Identity Resolution Service leader since 1982 with over 17 Million members, 36 call centers and offices in over 200 countries. Learn more at

Dan Gliatta