BagButton Fights International Corruption and Online Fraud

Mossyrock, WA, August 02, 2006 --( BagButton, The World leader in economical space saving solutions, today announced its efforts against International corruption and online fraud. For this release BagButton has offered up for disclosure a photo copy of a fraudulent Cashiers Check used for the attempt to purchase BagButtons and the envelope it came in. The purchase order came from the UK. The check was written on a bank from the US, mailed from Italy and the excess money from the purchase was to be forward to the Netherlands. Cyber Criminals of the highest order.

After the media buzz surrounding BagButton’s announcement of expansion into the International markets, (April 19, 2006 and June 13, 2006 PRWeb) BagButton was inundated with offers from around the World to distribute the BagButton. Some of the offers were transparent in there attempts to deceive but a few online fraudsters are using increasingly sophisticated methods of deception. Highly organized career criminals are using “quasi-legitimate” marketing firms that are often hired by major brand-name companies and represent a potentially devastating threat to startups and small business world Wide.

The use of e-mail by that unethical element lurking in cyberspace rings all too common these days. With law enforcement agencies overwhelmed and under trained to address these issues, victims have often been left to deal with them on their own.

"One thing I have learned in over 10 years of business ownership and past experience," explains Larry Storey, president of BagButton LLC., "is that it is very important to deal with reputable companies. These days you can be held liable for the unethical business practices of unscrupulous business owners that you choose to do business with. Trust me when I say this, I know, I am approached on a regular basis about partnership/distribution proposals," says Mr. Storey. “I have learned to do my due diligence and we hope by sharing this story our experience will keep on giving. The best advice is to use your common sense,” said Storey. “When in doubt, check it out.”

For specific information, places, names, address, phone numbers, case number etc., you will need to contact Larry Storey

BagButton LLc.
Larry Storey