New Business Strengthens Blended Families; Focuses on the Unique Challenges of Step-Relationships

Second marriages fail at an alarming rate, nearly 68%. As stepfamilies become more prevalent, soon outnumbering the traditional nuclear family, it is critical that systems are in place to meet their unique needs.

Portland, OR, May 12, 2009 --( With Mother's Day just behind us, Stepfamily Coach Angie Blackwell points the spotlight on Step Mother's Day, Sunday, May 17th. Blackwell recently launched Blackwell Family Resources, LLC, a personal coaching business that helps strengthen the children and parents of blended families. "I've always been passionate about strengthening children and families" Blackwell said, "This business is my opportunity to utilize my training and lessons from my personal life to help families experiencing similar challenges."

Asked why she targeted stepfamilies as her primary clientele, Blackwell explained, "The vast majority of divorced parents remarry within five years and 67% of those marriages end within five years. Many children not only endure the break up of their family, but also go through additional divorces with one or both of their parents. It is projected that by the end of 2010 stepfamilies will outnumber traditional nuclear families and one out of three children will belong to a stepfamily."

Blackwell met her husband Darren ten years ago. They were married in May of 2001, merging their five kids into one big family. In their case, both parents are the residential custodians of their children, meaning all five (at the time 6-16 years old) lived with them full time. They are one example of the many forms of stepfamilies; like snowflakes, no two are alike.

Blackwell Family Resources, LLC offers parenting education and coaching 1:1 and in small groups, in person or via phone conferencing. Their services focus on the unique challenges of stepfamilies and helping parents develop realistic expectations. As an example of unrealistic expectations, Blackwell explained, "When my husband and I married, we figured things would get easier after the first year, but it was at least five years before our family formed a cohesive unit."

The good news, they are living proof that it can be done.

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Angie Blackwell is a Certified Family Life Educator and Certified Professional Coach. She has a Bachelors degree in Public Policy and an Associates degree in Early Childhood Education. Her specialized training includes family dynamics, effective parenting and mediation. She's been a mother for 25 years, a step-mother for ten and a grandmother for four. Her mission is to help remarried parents develop realistic expectations so they can form harmonious stepfamilies.

Blackwell Family Resources, LLC
Angie Blackwell