Mercy College’s Master of Science in Direct Marketing Degree Program Announces Launch of MercyDirect

New York, NY, August 03, 2006 --( The New York Center for Direct & Interactive Marketing at Mercy College announced today their launch of MercyDirect; a full-service direct & interactive marketing agency run exclusively by students and faculty.  The objective of the program is to bring an even greater scope of real-world experience to students who are currently working to obtain a Master’s in Direct & Interactive Marketing.

Mercy’s Master of Science in Direct Marketing degree program is one of only two programs in the nation providing this type of advanced degree, but Mercy is the only program to offer the entire degree completely online.  Walter Neff, Director of the program, feels this was a great addition to an expanding program within a rapidly-growing field.  “There’s nothing better than the real-world exposure and education students will gain through MercyDirect.  Students will be graduating with extensive client contacts, as well as a full-year or more of actual work experience under their belt,” Neff said.

While a start-up agency of this type might normally struggle for a few years in their attempt to build up their client-base, MercyDirect already has two marquis clients they’ll be working with starting in September.  While the name of these two new clients, both based in New York, will be announced under separate press releases, both firms employ direct & interactive marketing efforts as a major part of their overall marketing strategy.  Neff said, “Working with clients of this level really pushes the students and provides them with premium exposure to high-end accounts right from the start of their career.”

Although MercyDirect will have their hands full working on two very-active accounts, Neff says they don’t intend to stop finding new accounts to work with.  “Since we’re not charging our clients for labor, as a for-profit direct & interactive agency would, we can be selective as to which clients we bring aboard to work with us.  The only criteria we look for in clients is that they’re open-minded to new ideas, willing to go forward with campaigns and they’re able to provide a little extra guidance to the students who are still learning the ropes,”  Neff said.

With client projects starting in just a few weeks, Neff urges industry professionals to be on the lookout for MercyDirect’s work out in the field.  Neff said, “Many of the campaigns we’re slated to work on will be out in time for this coming holiday season.  While it’s a little early to make this claim, I would not be surprised if MercyDirect brings home an ECHO Award in their very first year of business.  I guess we’ll all just have to wait and see.”

Established in 1950, Mercy College is a New York metropolitan area college of nearly 10,000 students from all walks of life studying at 5 campuses and a robust online campus. The main campus is in Dobbs Ferry, and branch campuses are in the Bronx, Manhattan, White Plains and Yorktown.

The Master of Science in Direct Marketing degree program is designed to prepare graduates for upper management roles in the wide variety of companies that comprise the direct marketing industry, be they business-to-consumer, business-to-business or not-for-profit. This 36 credit Graduate program, designed to be completed in just 18 months, presents students with a complete and comprehensive understanding of all the technical and managerial disciplines needed to facilitate their development and career growth. The program is approved by the New York State Department of Education, and accredited by the Middle State Association of Colleges.

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