Business Coaching Helps Small Businesses Achieve Big Gains

The business coaching industry raises bar on conventional "business consulting" model.

Las Vegas, NV, May 10, 2009 --( The world of business is rapidly changing, and with the recent turmoil in the world economy, business owners are turning outside of their companies for help and advice on how to improve their profits and overall operations.

And, more than ever, they are turning to Business Coaches to provide that help and assistance.

“The rise of our industry over the past two decades has in large part been a response to rapid change in the global marketplace,” ActionCOACH CEO Brad Sugars says. “As the speed of business increases, owners need answers and tactics they can immediately use in their companies to get results. Especially now, just one or two new strategies can prove the difference between success and failure.”

According to Sugars, who leads the world’s largest and number one business coaching firm, business coaching also looks to generate exponential gains in results – versus an incremental approach favored by most consultants.

“In a large corporation, incremental gains can be incredible because it can mean millions or tens of millions to the bottom-line,” Sugars says. “In a small business, exponential growth can mean tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in extra profits to the bottom-line – which can be a ‘game changer’ both in terms of the company and lifestyle for the company’s owner.”

Sugars points to one of his company’s most recent case studies, the Australian-based Auto Masters owned by Warren D’Cruz.

D’Cruz, who touts business coaching as a driving force behind his company’s growth, points to the exceptional numbers his business has been able to generate over the course of the last year.

“Before I started getting coached, our profits were minimal,” he says. “Today our turnover (revenue) is more than 175% higher and our profit has increased by 400% – and both are still increasing.”

Sugars isn’t surprised by D’Cruz’s success.

“Many of our clients are achieving increases of 50%, 100% and 400% for either top-line revenues or bottom-line profits – and this is in the midst of what some have called the ‘worst economy in years,’” Sugars says. “It’s proof that business coaching works – and it works in a big way.”

The effectiveness of business coaching as an alternative to consulting or other types of outside business help is seen in the growth of the industry, which has been estimated at more than $1 billion annually with growth rates that rank it as the second fastest growing industry behind information technology.

“Business coaching fills this need perfectly because the best Business Coaches are generalists and approach the business as a whole,” Sugars says. “This is in contrast to a successful consultant who is a specialist and who focuses on a specific aspect or division of a company.”

Just like sports coach needs to understand every aspect of the game to be successful, a Business Coach must have a “big picture” view of the game of business. This means a more generalized approach to business, versus the specific or tactical nature of most business consultant-oriented work.

“It also means a good Business Coach has a system and takes a systemized and methodical approach to growing a company,” Sugars says. “If you are an owner and are being approached by a coach who isn’t working with a proven system, find a coach who does.”

Sugars’ company, ActionCOACH, continues to grow at rate of more than 20% per year, even in the midst of the current downturn.

“There is an ever-increasing demand for our services,” Sugars says. “With more than 23 million businesses in operation and more than 600,000 new start-ups every year, the market for business help and business knowledge is larger than ever before – and will continue to grow.”

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