Aussie Mums Franchise Their Businesses on Mothers Day

Brisbane, Australia, May 11, 2009 --( On Mother’s Day while most mothers were being served breakfast in bed, three entrepreneurial Australian women are not only enjoying being pampered by their families for the day, but also taking much needed time out from their building ‘Mumpires’ as they expand their existing businesses into franchise or license models, despite the global recession.

Whilst some say it’s not the economic climate to being doing so Yvette Adams of award winning creative agency The Creative Collective, Leah Squire of award winning family travel agency and Mandy Hargreaves of Shopping By Appointment who run in-home or at event shopping parties and style consultancy say they believe there is no better time to be expanding their veritable ‘motherships’.

“Franchising is actually going through a major growth phase in Australia,” says Adams. “IBIS World believes that by 2060, more than 60% of Australian businesses will run a franchise model. And you can understand why when people are being made redundant left, right and centre they are seeking security be becoming masters of their own destiny, with more flexible hours which gives them the lifestyle they crave, especially if they are parents. The other key benefit is of course that when you buy into a franchise or license model you are buying into an established and proven brand and business model which increases your chance of success than if you were to go out and start something from scratch because as we all know new businesses have a scarily high failure rate.”

All of the business models being franchised or licensed by Adams, Squire and Hargreaves can be run from home, just as the three have successfully done over their years in business. Adams has successfully run her business around a now 2-year-old and a 5-year-old, Squire around an 11-year-old and 13-year-old and Hargreaves around a 7-year-old and 9-year-old.

Adams is targeting creatives or marketing professionals who want to diversify their service offering; freelancers struggling to keep up with technology and generally manage their business; people who would appreciate the opportunity to potentially work part time and from home, and those who would appreciate the education, support and training the company will provide.

Hargreaves says her licensing model is ideal for parents, people with retail experience, people who love fashion and/or party plan as it involves taking clothing and accessories to people’s houses where busy parents can shop from the comfort of home with their friends which is a particularly attractive proposition to those in regional areas who cannot access desirable fashion labels or who have young children and find getting to the shops difficult.

Squire is targeting travel consultants that have travelled extensively, have a background in travel and either have or love kids and understand the different demands that travelling with children can bring. Existing travel agencies also have the ability to become the family travel specialist in their area
Whilst the three businesses are decidedly different in nature, these enterprising mothers are all driven by common motives – to impart their extensive business knowledge with others, to create opportunities for parents to work from home, to build their brands and to exit from an operations focus to move more into a mentoring role with their businesses and give them more of a lifestyle to enjoy quality time with their families also.


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