The Adventures of Babyman and More Exclusives at TheOuterNet

The independent comedy website, is presenting more of it's out-there comedy this week, including new episodes of The Adventures of Babyman and The Vic Dunlop Two-Minute Talk Show, featuring Kato Kaelin.

Thousand Oaks, CA, May 13, 2009 --( The “garage movie” The Adventures of Babyman continues its’ serialization this week at Shot around 1980, the movie was stolen after the first answer was struck and was recently uncovered during a raid in China on a video-piracy facility. This weeks episode, Chapter 2 episode 1, features many of today’s top comedians making some of their first screen appearances. Bobby Slayton, “The Pitbull Of Comedy” and a Las Vegas headliner stars as the villain, The Evil Dr. More. Also featured this week are Bob Saget and Dave Coulier, both of Full House and wider fame, Jeremy Kramer, the back of Terry Jaymes’ head, Joe Nipote, Carrie Snow, a special guest clown appearance by comedy royalty, George Carlin, and Bruce Baum as Babyman. Past episodes are available for viewing and for “catching up” by clicking “Babyman” under the TheOuterNet series listings on the left side of the homepage

Also exlusive this week on is a new episode of The Vic Dunlop Two-Minute Talk Show featuring Kat Kaelin. features original video sketches, blogs, and pictures by TheOuterNet staff, as well as content from its’ community of “nuts” (friends) and the best of the best from the internet, boasting a very high ration of eye-worthy viewing.

Other series presented by include “A Night At The Roundtable,” featuring comedians playing poker and telling humorous stories from their lives, “Thought(s) of the Day,” and “Dimples the Cow,” a series kind of like Lassie, only with a cow. has been described as a “face-vacation” and “the most fun your face can legally have by itself.” invites any and everyone to become a nut and revel in the spoils of laughter. Or just come to and peruse as a non-nut.

By the way, is loading up new games all the time. Everything from Beer Golf to Donkey Kong and back again.

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