Now Assisting Companies with Placement of Articles on Wikipedia

West Chester, PA, August 04, 2006 --( A new service has begun at Companies and organizations that currently lack an article on Wikipedia (the world's #1 reference website) can remedy that situation by using the services of The start-up firm writes professional-looking articles for notable businesses.

The Wikipedia encyclopedia has taken the Internet by storm. With over one million distinct articles in the English language, Wikipedia is now recognized as the web’s #1 reference website. And yet, literally tens of thousands of notable corporations and non-profit organizations are still missing from the pages of Wikipedia. It’s estimated that over 42,000 U.S. firms and organizations have at least 10 employees and $500,000 or more in annual revenues. Yet, Wikipedia lists only an estimated 12,000 of these notable entities. At least 30,000 noteworthy companies and non-profits are completely absent from the Wikipedia revolution!

As of July 2006, there is a new firm that will remedy this problem. authors Wikipedia articles for companies and organizations that presently lack exposure on the world’s largest encyclopedia. Located in West Chester, PA, the small start-up filed for state recognition as a DBA entity, reserved the domain name, and constructed an online storefront that is open for business. The firm’s founder, Gregory Kohs, comments on the need for corporate exposure on the pages of Wikipedia. “On an average day, over 6 million different Americans are accessing Wikipedia. I can’t fathom how a company’s marketing or communications manager can shut off the lights for the night, knowing that his or her organization is missing out on that market of 6 million people – each of them hungry for information.”

While anyone can create or edit pages on Wikipedia, articles about companies or organizations are not easy to establish in encyclopedic form. An article that smacks too much of advertising or biased self-promotion will be quickly deleted by Wikipedia’s editors. Also, a company should pass a three-part test of “notability” that Wikipedia demands before inclusion. Says Kohs, “Someone from the workaday world is likely to get very frustrated, very quickly, should they try to author their own article about their company on Wikipedia. Our editors are experienced, know the ins and outs of Wikipedia administration, and get the job done quickly. Not one of our corporate articles has ever been deleted by a Wikipedia admin.” has served clients in both the corporate and non-profit realms. The company offers three levels of editorial services, all for less than $100. The firm’s website storefront accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal.

Gregory Kohs