Financial Access Ltd Has Launched Web Based Rules Engine Designed to Link Finance/Mortgage Brokers & IFA's to the Best Possible Deal for Their Clients

There has been so much written recently about high interest rates and the credit crunch that it's increasingly difficult to focus on the positives moves that exist in the market. Financial Access Ltd has bucked the trend by launching a new state of the art web based rules engine designed to link Finance / Mortgage Brokers & IFA's to the best possible deal for their clients. & approaches the loan market in a new and innovative way.

Blackburn, United Kingdom, May 29, 2009 --( It has become increasingly difficult in recent months for clients to get a personal loan whether secured or unsecured. Those who applying for unsecured loans find they are paying a higher rate of interest and secured loan applicants, even those with good credit histories, are struggling to meet loan criteria.

By teaming up with some of the best professionals in the market, Financial Access Ltd is now launching a state of the art Rules Engine that explores every loan potential for its customers. Over the next few months they will be launching a series of sites offering a full range of loan products. The first of these is The team at Financial Access has already attracted leading market brokers such as Confident Loan Services and Creditflex and by teaming up with Crash Media, one of the UK's leading SEO Companies; they can now make their products available to the wider market.

Yes, times are difficult, yet it is at times like this that individual strengths and initiatives come to the fore. Kevin Solway, a conservationist once said, "Genius is not so much about new ideas as it is about clarity of ideas. Two people can have the same idea, yet it will be genius to one and mediocrity in the other." They do not claim genius, but they do claim to have hit on a new and exciting initiative for the finance industry.

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