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Social Media Site for Athletes Selects Julie Houston for Coveted Spot

Richmond, VA, May 16, 2009 --( VABION LLC (VABION) announced today that, the company’s Web 2.0 community for athletes, will be featuring Julie Houston, an accomplished surfer, wakeboarder, and snowboarder from Kirksville, MO. Houston is also a teacher by profession and has taught orphaned children in Kenya. Houston is the first surfer and wakeboarder to be a featured athlete on

Houston is among a rare “breed” of surfer who has become proficient in wakeboarding, a new sport in which participants surf in the wake of a power boat. “The sport is still young and progressing very fast,” Houston stated. “Most people have never seen or heard of it, and we get a lot of stares when we’re surfing behind a boat.” When asked to share training tips, Houston advises athletes to “stretch, keep in shape, take care of yourself, and have fun.”

VABION’s community-based site for athletes with training articles and health blogs,, selects athletes to feature on the website based on their commitment to fitness, their sport, and positive character qualities. “Julie Houston is an outstanding person who serves as a role model for people of all ages,” said Dr. Susan Hardwicke, VABION Chief Executive. “Her dedication to fitness, and improving her skills in her chosen sports requires discipline and risk-taking, qualities we can all admire.” is sponsored by VABION’s energy supplement, Diesel Energy Stix®, the world’s first powdered energy shot. Active ingredients in the energy supplement that include creatine and caffeine, coupled with portable packaging and the ability to dissolve in the mouth without the need for water, make Diesel Energy Stix® an essential energy supplement for getting the most out of water sports such as surfing and wakeboarding.

“One of the active ingredients is RNA, a supplement that helps cells release ATP, the body’s energy currency,” Dr. Hardwicke said. Rapid ATP release promotes a faster reaction time and mental alertness.

Diesel Energy Stix® energy supplement is available in convenience stores, gyms, online retailers such as,, and in over 1,400 select Rite Aid GNC locations. Select Smoothie King locations in Manhattan, New York City, also sell Diesel Energy Stix®.

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