Integratech and WCTI Positions "Sustainable Non-Toxic Natural Green Chemistry" to Capture Dominant Market Share of the Cooling Tower Water Treatment Industry

“An affordable, zero bleed technology, based on “Sustainable Natural Green Chemistry” has been the Holy Grail of the water treatment industry.”

Salt Lake City, KS, May 16, 2009 --( Breakthrough “Green” Technology Controls Scale, Bio-fouling and Corrosion in Cooling Towers and Chillers Without Chemical Feeds.

Integratech Associates, Inc. proudly announces its licensing (December, 2008) by Water Conservation Technology International for WCTI, Zero Liquid Discharge, Silica Based, Cooling Tower Water Treatment Technology.

“An affordable, zero bleed technology, based on “Sustainable Natural Green Chemistry” has been the Holy Grail of the water treatment industry,” said Greg Kipnis. Sustainable “Green” technologies that lower carbon footprints, conserve water, eliminate chemical discharge and increase energy efficiency are championed by President Obama’s Administration and world leaders alike. WCTI HES Systems are the solution to all of those concerns. Kipnis added, “The ability for “Grey Water Reuse” makes WTCI’s water reclamation capabilities even more attractive in these times of global water shortages.”

U. S. Green Building Council (USGBC) LEED credits, federal, state and municipal government provided tax incentives, equipment rebates and grants often offset a large portion of the WCTI equipment investment. Even without incentives, WCTI chemical-free systems typically payback the owner’s investment in about 3-9 months.

“If an HVAC water treatment program for cooling towers and chillers fails to consistently control scale, corrosion, and bio-fouling in any size tower under all water conditions while simultaneously addressing water conservation mandates and lowering operational costs simply can’t be a player in today’s market,” Kipnis went on to say.

WCTI, Zero Blowdown Technology is a complete paradigm shift, based on sound and verifiable science, and protected by 5 U. S. Patents with additional patents pending. WCTI Zero Liquid Discharge is not a new product but is a field proven technology with hundreds of HES units operating in successful installations. Some installations have been in service for going on 6 years and are consistently performing as advertised. Black Box technologies known as Non-Chemical Devices (NCD) have proven unreliable, even damaging to HVAC equipment, and traditional chemical “Bleed and Feed” programs have become environmentally antiquated.

Some of the highest profile companies in the world, after years of hands-on experience with WCTI HES Systems, now believe that this unique water treatment program is, “A Time Has Come Technology.” Major manufacturers in the aerospace, aircraft and automotive industries along with high tech software and computer chip manufacturers, as well as data centers, the U. S. Military, universities and hospitals are all deriving substantial performance and budgetary benefits from the WCTI Zero Bleed Technology.

WCTI’s patented Silica Based water conserving innovations are rapidly becoming “The Standard for Cooling Tower Water Treatment” and “Green Building Technology” in the HVAC Industry.

Greg Kipnis has been the Senior Vice President of Integratech since 1995 and is a recognized leader and consultant in the Non-chemical Water Treatment Industry. He may be contacted at Integratech Associates, Inc.’s headquarters, toll-free, at (877) 722-0003 or direct email inquiries to

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