Labthink Introduces New Master-Satellite Oxygen Transmission Rate Test System

Jinan, China, May 16, 2009 --( In order to meet the demands for higher testing accuracy and efficiency, Labthink, with the support of large amount of permeation testing data and long term deliberate argumentation, introduces PERMETM OX2/230 Oxygen Transmission Rate Test System.

PERME OX2/230 Oxygen Transmission Rate Test System applies global innovative patent testing chamber, compact and exquisite with more accurate and stable testing results. The other distinguished feature is that this test system is of master-satellite mode: one master base can connect nine satellite testers. All of these satellite testers have the same functions as the master base. Thus, with a single air source, a single carrier source and a computer, the operator can control ten systems and thirty specimens simultaneously with world the highest efficiency among similar products. At the same time, the software of this system is extremely powerful, highly integrated and highly intellectual. The master base and satellite bases are of multi-testing modes selectable with flexible individual testing chamber parameter setting; thus, achieving monitoring, tracing and analysis of several types of oxygen transmission testers and water vapor transmission testers simultaneously. As to the testing data, the test system can store data in document, database and excel format, as well as data inquiry, comparison, printing and original data re-analysis as well. Furthermore, there are advantages like broader temperature and moisture control range, broader power input range, double testing functions for films and containers as well as excellent components and many other concerned advantages. All of which, guarantee stable operation of the whole test system with reliable and accurate testing results.

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