is Out to Make a Difference Khmer Social Network is a fast growing, vibrant online community designed and built for online savvy Cambodians.

Stanton, CA, May 17, 2009 --( The Khmer Socializers website ( has announced that it is up and running. People from across the globe are invited to come join this dynamic and ever growing online community which is predominantly made up of Khmers -- the children of mighty Angkorian Empire. was conceived because the administrator, Mr. Sojean Peou, desires to help those children in Cambodia who are currently collecting cans, bottles and plastic at dump sites as a means of survival. He was one of those kids.

"Some of the funds generated from will go to organizations that are dedicated to help those children, and we are proud of our members for helping us to achieve this goal," says Peou.

There are many great reasons to join this dynamic online community. This website provides all the latest news from Cambodia, Asia, and the planet. There are lovely, interesting, and friendly people to meet and talk to through the site's e-mail and Instant Messenger features. There is a forum that already has over 80 different topics, ranging from Khmer culture to people's tastes in music to how to raise self-esteem to "yummy food". Photo albums and videos can be posted and shared. A member can start a blog, publish an article, join a group, and Digg the great stuff found at Khmer Socializers.

But, maybe one of the very best reasons to visit the website is the virtual koi fish pond. Yes, this fish pond is always in motion. A member can use a mouse to feed the fish virtual food. They're insatiable, so they'll always swim right to it! Koi ponds are symbols of good fortune and believed to bring good luck.

The Khmer Socializers website ( is a fun way of connecting, and a fun way to help those needy Cambodian children.

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Sojean Peou