New Internet Based Service for Online Video Broadcast Reduces Internet Content Providers Cost and Improves Quality

Ivivo Ltd. has announced a revolutionary technology for reducing bandwidth costs associated to the download of On-Demand and Streaming Video over the Internet by 50%.

New York, NY, May 20, 2009 --( Ivivo Ltd. (, a pioneering media solutions company known for its cutting edge media player, has released a new Internet service ( that has proven to reduce the cost that internet content providers are paying for video that is displayed over the Internet.

While popularity of internet VOD (Video-On-Demand) services is on the rise, so are the costs that such service providers need to pay per each terabyte that is downloaded to the consumer's PC. In addition, the rise of such services in developing countries poses significant obstacles on transcontinental broadcast of video over the Internet, which often results in poor quality and interruptions of service to the consumer.

During peak broadcast hours, much of the video content is delivered through only a few local data sources with limited streaming bandwidth capacities. When demand for such content increases, local internet service providers need to divide their data flow between more consumers, which means that each consumer is allocated with less download bandwidth. This impacts the consumer as they are often facing more interruptions needed for buffering time. In other cases, the internet provider might intentionally reduce the quality of the broadcast in order save in bandwidth.

All of this could have been considered as a "reasonable sacrifice" by the consumer if indeed there were no commercial factors involved. However, content providers today are establishing their VOD services on either a pay-per-view business model or on income from commercials during the broadcast. Under these business models there is a zero tolerance for poor streaming quality or interruptions, as the consumer expects a viewing experience better or equal to a traditional DVD. This means that content providers will have to constantly consume and buy more bandwidth while allocating more and more support personnel to solve local bandwidth bottlenecks.

With Ivivo's solution, most of the Video traffic doesn't need to be delivered sole by the content provider. New requests for videos from the same source can be redirected through Ivivo's proprietary Algorithm. Ivivo then reallocates the videos from all the consumers that are already viewing the sources, and broadcasts the video's to new paying consumers, without sacrificing quality while insuring no interruptions during the broadcast. In case Ivivo identifies potential disconnections or interrupts in a new stream, it will immediately allocate the consumer to an alternative reliable source of the video without the consumer even being aware of it.

In addition, Ivivo solutions are accompanied by a wide variety of complementing analytic reports that measure the actual consumer experience during the broadcast. Such reports may provide the content provider with real-time and accurate indications on all aspects of the internet broadcast, such as; video consumption volume, sorted by country & ISP, in depth viewing patterns (broadcast interruptions, manual user events such as stop, resume, etc.), broadcast quality indications and consumer viewing patterns. In addition, Ivivo provides comprehensive CRM tools that could be linked directly to the content provider's own CRM and billing system and collect more real-time data on the consumer viewing patterns.

All of Ivivo's solutions utilize a state-of-the-art web based user interface. The system deployment on the content side is straight forward, requires no changes in the web-site architecture and is transparent to the consumer. Ivivo guarantees immediate improvement of broadcast quality as well as direct reduction in costs for the content provider. Please try them risk free. No minimum fees, no upfront investments.

Oded Levanon