Recent Study Links Poor Sleep with Child Behaviour

Lightweight silk-filled duvets, and silk sheets and pillowcases are reported to have a positive impact on sleep because of their hypo-allergenic and temperature-regulating properties.

London, United Kingdom, May 27, 2009 --( A recent Finnish paediatrics study has linked ADHD and child behaviour and disorders like ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) with poor sleep. Dr Paavonen, who led the study, said "Even [an extra] 30 minutes per night has been shown to give a major improvement”.

Patra Selections, specialists in natural fibre products, support the view that a long and restful night’s sleep is essential for physical and psychological health.

Rita Patra, Managing Director of Patra Selections, says “We stock a wide range of pure silk bedding. We have silk-filled duvets that our customers say helps them to sleep longer and deeper than they did with regular bedding. Along with silk sheets and pillowcases, silk-filled duvets also help to regulate temperature, so you have a more comfortable sleep.”

Silk has long been believed to have beneficial properties for sleep. Naturally hypo-allergenic and resistant to dust mite, pure silk sheets, silk pillowcases and silk-filled duvets are a preferable option to other materials for allergy-sufferers.

Silk contains amino acids that can also be found in human skin, which may be why many believe silk to keep them cool, relieve itching, and encourage better circulation.

Patra says, “Although there is little medical evidence to support the health-related benefits of silk, undoubtedly people who have experienced problems with short and fitful sleep, for whatever reason, find silk bedding helps them sleep more peacefully and for longer, and they wake feeling rested.”

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