Exclusive Anti-Aging Product is Now Available to All

Clone’ Cosmetics (www.clone-cosmetics.com) is making available to the everyday consumer, an anti-aging product that has been previously exclusive to affluent clients of high-end day spas.

Mason, OH, May 27, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Clone’s Silver Ion Anti-Aging Facial Mask is naturally the most advanced anti-aging product on the market. Clone’s Silver Ion Mask (which is a silver-embedded cloth) leverages the healing properties of silver that has been known for centuries, along with scientific support on the anti-aging benefits of topically applied silver.

Clone’s Silver Ion Mask is a natural topical skin treatment that restores the electrical potential of the skin, smoothes out the wrinkles and enhances the healing of soft tissues, thereby resulting in a more youthful appearance. Facial treatments incorporating the use of silver ions have been exclusive to prestigious day spas around the world. A single treatment at these spas using a silver ion mask can cost upwards of $165. Company spokesperson Karen Wright points out that “this high cost of a single treatment, in addition to having to travel to these spas, has put treatments with a silver ion mask out of reach for the everyday consumer. With Clone’s Silver Ion Mask, the average consumer can now experience the same luxurious treatment at home that has been exclusive to expensive spas, but at an extremely affordable price”. Clone’s Silver ion Mask is only $49.95, and the cloth can be used over and over again. The silver remains in the material over the live of the cloth and does not leach out, which is why the cloth has the unlimited use feature.

The mask is very easy to use. The mask is always applied to the face moist, and kept moist throughout the entire treatment by applying to the mask either mist, steam or wet cloths. The mask is great for soothing skin after a peel or micro-dermabrasion when it is soaked in cold or ice water. This energy stimulating mask relaxes the nerves and muscles in the face, and smoothes out the wrinkles. The most remarkable evidence of silver ions’ rejuvenating properties is the fact that it has been approved by the FDA in the treatment of patients with skin trauma.

For more information, Clone’ can be reached at 1.800.800.5763.

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