Addressers Offers Fulfillment Services to Ease Burden on Small Business

Fulfillment Services Save Time & Can Actually Save Money Over Businesses Doing it Themselves

Los Angeles, CA, May 28, 2009 --( The Addressers (, a Southern California Direct Marketing Company, is offering fulfillment services to help ease the burden on small to medium sized businesses. The services include fulfilling product orders and literature requests, and can also include storage and warehousing of products.

Fulfillment typically refers to the services provided by a company that offers to store products or literature, receive the orders, package, and then ship the ordered or requested item to the end consumer. A fulfillment company will typically maintain inventory counts as goods are shipped, and provide those inventories to the client on a regular basis. Pick and pack, another service offered by fulfillment houses like Addressers, is the process of selecting items currently being stored by the fulfillment company and preparing them for shipping.

Kent Moon, President of Addressers, stated “Often a fulfillment house, because of its high volume, can offer shipping discounts that their clients would not be able to get on their own. Unless your company is shipping thousands of products per month, you will not get the "bulk" shipping rates available to fulfillment companies like ours. The amount of savings can often be 30% or more. In some cases, the savings associated with shipping bulk rates can outweigh the costs of our services, making the fulfillment costs effectively zero. Similar to the savings associated with shipping costs, shipping materials, such as envelopes, boxes, labels, etc., are bought in bulk by us at lower rates. Compared to purchasing supplies for shipping through places like Office Depot, savings can amount to up to 50%. For companies of all sizes, including small startups, using the services of a fulfillment house can be a cost effective solution, saving you money and taking a bothersome task off your plate.”

Addressers is a direct marketing company that has provided direct mail and fulfillment services for more than 20 years. Unlike many companies where customization capabilities are limited, Addressers can provide clients with timely and cost-effective solutions by custom designing mailing, fulfillment and database services using time-tested proprietary modules.

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Kent Moon