Announcing the Opening of Adara Knit Online Merchandise Store

Adara Knit announces the availability of its online e-commerce store. The online store provides a rich variety of hand-knitted baby apparel, high-end women fashion clothing and luxurious wool blankets.

Toronto, Canada, May 28, 2009 --( Adara Knit, a Toronto-based company opens its online store today to North American consumers. Adara Knit provides an exclusive collection of hand made products from baby cardigans, layettes, booties, sweater vests to high-end women fashion clothing including scarves, hats, shawls, ponchos, vests to luxurious wool blankets and throws.

Company employ a group of skilful knitters to make the finest sweaters, blankets, cardigans and scarves to match every household’s like. All of the products are hand knitted on needles in Turkey. No industrial machines are utilized. This gives them the unique, personal touch that users cannot find in other machine-made products.

Adara Knit uses premium yarn for women clothing and blankets made from mohair, virgin sheep’s wool to give its elite quality and soft texture. For the babies, a blend of luxuries natural and man-made fibers is chosen mixing the softness and warmth of the wool with the durability and easy-care of the man-made fibers to make their experience more pleasant.

The founder of the company Murat Guvenc is very excited to bring his elite collection to the North American market. He says “Turkish yarn and cotton are analogous to supreme quality in the world. Turkish textile is a trademark for centuries long in the region. I’m excited to bring contemporary models to fit the current taste and the need of the North American consumers with the supremacy of century-long artisanship fostered in Turkey. All of our products are hand-made individually and we limit quantities so that our clients will get the ultimate pleasure of wearing apparel that is unique to them.” Company is dedicated to bring new models every season so that its catalogue will always stay rich and fresh.

The company is currently looking for strategic partnership with high-end boutique stores in North America to make its products available in local stores.

Adara Knit

Adara Knit
Murat Guvenc