Italian Language and Fashion Show in Milan

All the information about the preparatory courses for Fashion Shows created by the Italian language school for foreigners Leonardo da Vinci in Milan.

Florence, Italy, May 29, 2009 --( From time immemorial, Italy is famous all around the world to be the country of art, culture and above all in the last years, the country of fashion.

In fact, there are a lot of young students coming from every corner of the world who come to Italy to learn the language and at the same time, to keep on studying fashion and fashion design.

In order to meet those students' needs, the Italian language school for foreigners Scuola Leonardo da Vinci located in Milan, created an interesting course: the Italian Preparatory Course for Fashion Shows.

The course has a duration of 3 weeks and was thought for anyone who wishes to have a direct contact with the concept of “Made in Italy” and the Italian fashion world. During these 3 weeks, students will attend 20 hours of lessons in class and other 20 hours dedicated to out door visits to showrooms, fashion fairs and real fashion shows.

Thanks to this course, students will have the chance to be present at the preparation of a fashion show in the capital of Italian fashion, Milan; they will follow step by step the several passages which take to the final result: the magnificent fashion shows created by the greatest fashion stylists.

Students will be in close contact with the professionals of the sector and they will learn much of the extraordinary world which is hidden behind a showroom and behind the extravagant catwalks of the fashion shows.

Especially suitable for people that are studying in the field of fashion and wish to have a direct contact with the Italian reality of this sector, the course was created by School Leonardo da Vinci in Milan to encourage students to meet Italian culture.

Next “Italian Preparatory Course for Fashion Show” will start in June, during 3 weeks between 8th and 26th.

Further information about the courses are available on the school's website.

School Leonardo Da Vinci
Alessandra Ricci