FSSI Launches New letterStreamOne Marketing Campaign Centered On Time-savings, User Productivity

FSSI, a full-service print-and-mail leader specializing in the high-volume production and delivery of targeted customer communications, launches a nationwide campaign, featuring a little blue "spokesclock" named eLSO to highlight user benefits.

Santa Ana, CA, May 29, 2009 --(PR.com)-- FSSI has launched a new marketing campaign promoting its flagship offering, letterStreamOne™ (LSO). LSO is a customizable online application that dramatically reduces the time companies spend on the creation, updating and mailing of time-sensitive correspondence, such as compliance letters and daily notices.

Campaign Centers on Familiar Challenges
In financial institutions and other companies, managing and tracking changes to government-mandated documents is a pressure-filled time-crunch that pits internal teams against strict compliance requirements and unyielding deadlines. Banks, credit unions, brokerage houses, mortgage and auto finance companies who fail to comply risk stiff fines and penalties, and diminished brand equity. With its unique review and approval features, LSO streamlines the entire letter-management process, while storing thousands of templates into a central, secure repository. A customizable kitting matrix, also developed by FSSI, automatically matches letters to special inserts and forms, offering even greater time-savings for larger, more complex mailings.

Theme Encourages Customers to “Put Time Back on Your Side”
The campaign’s benefit-centered theme “Put Time Back on Your Side” features eLSO, an affable but industrious character (and product namesake) to cheerfully illustrate the solution’s myriad time-saving advantages. “When you’re printing tens of thousands of letters, time literally is money,” says FSSI president, Jennifer Dietz. “eLSO embodies what letterStreamOne™ is all about—speed, productivity, time savings--and of course, flexibility. His face resembles a digital clock to remind customers of the efficiencies and ROI made possible through our industry best practices and best-in-class secure technologies.”

Traditional and Online Media
FSSI’s new letterStreamOne™ push is expected to reach audiences through a blended marketing effort comprising traditional elements, such as tradeshows, whitepapers, newsletters and direct mail, as well as online media like educational webinars and streaming video/audio. Because FSSI values and integrates client feedback into its product development, plans for a user’s group and executive blog, where visitors can post product-related feedback, are also in the works.

“Our campaign goal is not only to present an easier, faster way to manage correspondence, but to provide the resources necessary to help people make an informed purchase decision,” says Sales and Marketing VP, Steve Bolaris. We also want to connect with current LSO users and let them know we’re listening. Some of our new campaign elements enable us to do this quite effectively.”

How letterStreamOne™ Works
A secure, web-based solution, letterStreamOne™ lets authorized users compose and store thousands of templates—online, in real time, 24/7, using MS-Word®. Integrated with FSSI’s print-and-mail processing engine, LSO allows users to proof against sample data, and print, all within hours, with complete hierarchical control and approval tracking. letterStreamOne™ is linked to FSSI’s digital printing-and-fulfillment center, so even print quantities into the millions can be turned around quickly, with 100% data accuracy and integrity.

About FSSI, developer of letterStreamOne™
Founded in 1980, FSSI is a full-service print-and-mail leader specializing in the secure, high-volume production and delivery of targeted customer communications. FSSI’s printed and online solutions reduce clients’ overhead, capital expenditures and postal costs, while providing unprecedented tracking and audit controls, including Unique Piece Tracking™ (UPT).

FSSI developed letterStreamOne™ and many industry data-management best practices. It serves the financial services, telecom, public utilities, healthcare and other sectors.

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