"Pharmacovigilance Has Been Expanding in Recent Years, as Companies Are Required to Monitor Drug Safety Post Launch," Says Visiongain Report

Pharmacovigilance gaining in importance after Vioxx problems - Visiongain new report analyses post-marketing assessment from the present onwards. Drug safety issues, such as those raised by Vioxx earlier this decade, have led to increased risk-averseness by regulators, with greater post-marketing assessment of drugs.

London, United Kingdom, May 30, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Article Source: http://www.visiongain.com/Report.aspx?rid=383

Pharmacovigilance has been expanding in recent years, as companies are required to monitor drug safety post launch. Drug safety issues, such as those raised by Vioxx earlier this decade, have led to increased risk-averseness by regulators, with greater post-marketing assessment of drugs. Many regulatory agencies require detailed pharmacovigilance, with companies bearing extra costs, Visiongain new report also observes. Healthcare payers, prescribers and patients have high expectations from pharmacovigilance. They want thorough information - on adverse reactions and overall drug safety - upon which to make informed judgments. Pharmacovigilance is now being called upon to produce clear results, expressed openly. What will those trends mean for pharmacovigilance, from the perspectives of major stakeholders, including the pharma and biotech industries? Where is pharmacovigilance heading? What regulatory measures will continue, and which new processes will emerge? This new report - Pharmacovigilance 2009: Present Challenges and Future Goals - explains how that field will develop from the present onwards.

Clearly, pharmacovigilance is increasingly important worldwide, especially to avoid reoccurrences of serious, costly problems damaging to the industry. Pharmacovigilance is designed to provide crucial data on how drugs work in medical practice, from the short-term to the long-term. This information can aid drug development and marketing if harnessed properly, being a boon rather than a hindrance. In particular, visiongain believes that live licensing will form a significant part of pharma regulations and drug development in coming years. Pharmacovigilance will underpin processes and developments such as these, as this report further explains.

Comprehensive analyses and discussions

Using a wealth of research – including detailed quantitative and qualitative analyses, interviews with key opinion leaders and examination of policy documents, reports, industry news and commercial databases – Visiongain new study predicts how pharmacovigilance will develop from 2009 onwards.

Why you should read Pharmacovigilance 2009: Present Challenges and Future Goals

By obtaining your copy of this report, you will benefit from:
• unbiased assessments of the challenges and potential for pharmacovigilance
• detailed discussions of where pharmacovigilance is heading from 2009 onwards
• analyses and discussion of the relevant challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry
• analyses and discussion of how pharmacovigilance can influence the development, marketing and use of pharmaceuticals
• discussion of personalised medicine, and how pharmacovigilance can be utilized in better-targeted medicine
• discussion of how pharmacovigilance can contribute to live licensing
• views of experts in the field, with full texts of interviews from Visiongain survey
• forecasts of how pharmacovigilance costs will change over the next 15 years
• insight into public relations challenges faced by the industry, and how pharmacovigilance can help address those matters
• analyses of how actual risk and public perception interact.
Visiongain believes that pharmacovigilance will contribute significantly to pharmaceutical development and marketing. Pharmacovigilance can also help to overcome public mistrust of the pharmaceutical industry. It can be a public relations system as well as a technological and pharmacological safeguard, as this report explains. This report examines public mistrust, discussing how pharmacovigilance can benefit rational communication and sound public understanding, taking emerging regulatory policies worldwide into account.
Includes exclusive interviews with organisations such as AstraZeneca, PharSafer Associates, ii4sm and more.

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Pharmacovigilance 2009: Present Challenges and Future Goals is essential reading for everybody involved with pharma regulatory affairs. The regulatory environment in many countries is changing, especially after events this decade. Do you want to know more about important regulatory developments? You can stay ahead by reading this report today.

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