UA Selects SimWelderTM to Enhance Welding Training Capabilities Across the United States

VRSim, Inc. announces the sale of 12 SimWelderTM turn-key Virtual Reality Welding Trainers to the UA.

East Hartford, CT, July 31, 2009 --( The UA’s purchase includes 3 portable and 9 stationary installation units to enhance its welding training program. Along with traditional classroom training, UA owns and operates mobile facilities that are equipped to train members in various locations. The portable SimWelders travel across the country in UA’s mobile classroom trailers and are unloaded for welding training or demonstrations in convention centers.

All of the SimWelders for the UA include GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding) and SMAW (Shielded Metal Arc Welding) training capabilities. The GMAW module simulates welding on mild steel and aluminum tee welds in the flat (1F), horizontal (2F), vertical (3F) and overhead (4F) position. For SMAW, SimWelderTM records a trainee’s performance on mild steel tee welds in the flat (1F), horizontal (2F), vertical (3F) and overhead (4F) position and groove butt welds in the flat (1G), horizontal (2G) and vertical (3G) position.

Earlier this year in Ann Arbor Michigan, VRSim trained welding instructors from the UA on the operation and use of SimWelderTM.

The UA has over 300,000 members from North America’s plumbing and pipe fitting industry. At any one time, approximately 100,000 individuals are participating in one of UA’s training programs. Welder training and certification are included in UA’s educational offerings, and are designed to meet the ever increasing demand for high quality welding workmanship in America’s power companies, breweries, food and beverage producers; pharmaceutical, educational, medical, and correctional facilities; malls and other large commercial developments.

“With their dedication to improving members' skills with robust training programs, SimWelderTM is a natural fit for The UA,” said VRSim CEO Matthew Wallace. “By using this type of technology we believe students will learn more and perform better in a shorter period of time. The UA is dedicated to providing their apprentices with the best available training tools and technology.”

SimWelderTM ( is a cost effective, stand-alone training appliance that is already being used by government, manufacturing companies, and educational facilities around the world. SimWelderTM augments traditional welding training by providing instructors with objective feedback and allowing trainees to do more repetitions without the added costs of materials, consumables and energy. Using SimWelderTM, students hold a physical welding torch and wear a real welding mask while working in an interactive, computer generated environment. SimWelderTM provides a safe and healthy working environment for trainees. By simulating welding, no gas is burned, no metal is consumed, no waste is created, and no harmful or toxic emissions are released.

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