Launch of Physician's Reputation Repair and Website Design for Physicians

CEILA Company designs effective Websites for physicians and acts as physician’s advocate Online building, monitoring and - if necessary - repairing physicians’ reputation Online.

Los Angeles, CA, May 30, 2009 --( CEILA Company introduces its new Website ( which among other services offers Website Design for Physicians and Physician's Reputation Repair.

It’s a well-kept secret among physicians, most of whom have beautifully designed Websites, that their Websites can’t be found on search engines in their intended categories and that they don’t contribute to patients’ flow. The reason for it is that those pretty Websites are not optimized for search engines (either at all, or very poorly) and most often they are not submitted to search engines or properly managed. CEILA Company’s Website Design for Physicians encompasses not only graphic design but also medical content development and professional search engine optimization. Long term physician’s Website Management (including manual search engine submission) is also available. Needless to say, medical Websites designed by CEILA Company place on first pages of major search engines not just under the doctor’s last name but under desired search terms, too.

CEILA Company’s Physicians Advocate Online program also has a comprehensive approach. Physicians are understandably very protective of their professional reputation which especially in the era of Internet is quite vulnerable. Of course, there’re physicians who deserve bad reputation. Most of the recipients of negative patients’ reviews Online are not in this category. Patients do over-react; sometimes expressing their sentiments before the medical treatment has had a chance to produce results; there are also other case scenarios that may result in bad Online reviews and a damage to physician’s reputation. The medical community is so worried about the patients’ Online rating that some physicians today require a waiver prior to treatment! (Needless to say, such a waiver can be a double-edged sword.) CEILA Company’s Physicians Advocate Online program includes such options as Building Physician’s Reputation Online, Physician’s Reputation Monitoring and Physician's Reputation Repair. (Incidentally, unlike other organizations who work on Online reputations in general and DON’T guarantee results, CEILA Company specializes exclusively in physicians’ reputations and guarantees 90% accuracy or your money back.)

Among other services offered on are Medical Publicity, Medical Brand Development and Medical Direct Mail Marketing (which fulfills orders as small as 1000 mailers at a time).

CEILA Company designs, implements and maintains medical marketing for its clients in a professional manner and in full compliance with HIPAA, both: short and long term.

CEILA Company considers it its mission to relieve physicians from the burden of marketing their practices and worrying about their reputations so they can focus on being physicians.

To celebrate the launch of CEILA Company offers - for a limited time, only - free physician’s reputation Online analysis ($250.00 value) as well as free physician’s Websites analysis ($350.00 value).

CEILA Company is one of Southern California’s leading providers of P.R., Publicity and Marketing since the year 2000. Having provided services to businesses, non-profit organizations and celebrities, CEILA Company has found its niche in medical marketing and physician’s support services which have proven the most satisfying. The launch of cements CEILA Company’s exclusive commitment to the medical community.

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