Celebrity Trainer Vows to End the Epidemic Obesity in America

As one of the most successful celebrity trainers in Hollywood, Michael Torchia has spent over 25 years of his life trying to bring the life-saving message of personal fitness and healthy diet to men and women everywhere. In 1985, he began Operation Fitness to combat the (then) overlooked epidemic of childhood obesity. He is proud to announce the next phase of his "fitness for all" philosophy.

Los Angeles, CA, June 01, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Michael has spent over 25 years of his life educating and teaching the public about fitness. His talent for training and motivating people to exceed their potential makes him the ideal leader in the battle against inactivity and obesity. Michael Torchia created the “Operation Fitness™” programs to provide children and adults with the ability to integrate health and fitness into their everyday routine. Michael’s well-structured organization will help motivate people of all ages, increase and improve self-esteem in a dynamic, inspiring way. These innovative programs are supported by descriptive fitness updates and essential nutrition guidelines for all those wanting to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Although Michael's clientele includes such famous names as Matt Damon, Al Pacino, Kevin Spacey, his true passion is helping everyday people. Having suffered as an obese child himself, with incredible drive and determination he overcame his eating disorder. He went on to become Teenage Mr. America, Mr. Collegiate USA and Mr. California. This exemplifies that with proper guidance, learning of good nutritional habits and the use of research-based professional training, if you can imagine it, it can become a reality. Click on the link to read more about Michael's personal story: http://newsblaze.com/story/20090109125038zzzz.nb/topstory.html

If you would like more information on how Michael can help you and your community call: 800.933.8633 or email michael@operationfitness.com

Michael Torchia
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