ArtFire Fusion Studios: One-of-a-Kind Websites with the Click of a Button makes building a custom shopping website fast and simple.

Tucson, AZ, May 29, 2009 --( In an effort to give their artisans a means to stand out from the crowd, has engineered a completely customizable storefront. Their new Fusion Studios combine a website with an online venue, creating the possibility for safe and easy shopping with all the customization of a website. This allows users with little to no programming training to put together a specialized studio website custom-built to suit their particular style while still receiving the traffic of an online venue.

Unlike most venue storefronts, ArtFire’s Fusion Studios give artisans full control over the appearance of their page and the content viewed there. With Fusion Studios, artisans can change the colors, layout, and design of their studio websites. They can insert ads, widgets, videos, and flash animation into the sidebar and bottom of their studio to better build their brand and display other sites they manage including other marketplaces, live video streams and twitter or social media feeds.

ArtFire Fusion Studios provide all of the benefits of a custom website with the traffic, technical support, credibility and infrastructure of a major online marketplace. Artisans no longer have to choose between website or marketplace, with Fusion Studios, they can have both.

About ArtFire is the premiere marketplace for handmade crafts. On ArtFire, artisans can build their own storefront and list their hand crafted items for sale on the internet. ArtFire makes it easy to sell online by offering a variety of simple tools to track including links, item views, and item popularity. With the launch of the Fusion Studios, ArtFire is now giving artisans the chance to create their own custom website where they can offer their items for sale. With easy to use tools and functionality, ArtFire gives its members to create a studio which is as one-of-a-kind as their handmade crafts.

“As a seller, I always wanted to have the both complete freedom of a website and the traffic, support, and creditability of a marketplace, but no one would give it to me,” said John Jacobs, the CEO of ArtFire. “So we decided to build it.”

“ So many marketplaces are operating under 1998 internet rules, “said Tony Ford COO, ArtFire.“They trap traffic, restrict link outs, limit your creativity and run their sites with so many restrictions it actually hurts sales. The shopper doesn’t want to be trapped and controlled. We’re updating the rules of ecommerce with the new Fusion Studios.”

For more information, please contact:
Tony Ford, COO
ArtFire Inc.

Tony Ford