Bob Robinson Files Committee to Run for State Representative in Eaton County

Committee filing by Bob Robinson for State Representative Election Committee for Eaton County, Michigan House District 71

Lansing, MA, May 31, 2009 --( Bob Robinson of Vermontville has filed a committee to run as a candidate for State Representative of Eaton County/Michigan District 71.

“Our state is deteriorating before our very eyes,” said Robinson. “Everything we have worked so hard to achieve for ourselves and our children is slipping away. Every day we hear about the loss of more jobs as the economy declines and our home values plummet. If we do not act now, we could be the first generation to leave our state in worse condition for our children. We can’t let that happen.”

Robinson has 30 years of Michigan business experience. He is accredited in public relations and has worked as a communications and public relations professional since 1998, serving volunteer organizations such as The Michigan Recreation and Park Association, Elders Law of Michigan, and The Greater Lansing Housing Coalition. He currently works in membership development for The National Association of College & University Food Services in Okemos, Michigan. Prior to 1999 he was publisher of Profiles Magazine, a community-based, mid-Michigan variety magazine. He is author of How to Use the Internet to Find a Job which chronicled a detailed history of organized employment in the United States, and the article The Devolution of a State, How We Got Here. Robinson lives in the Vermontville area with his wife, Amy Rose, and daughters Zoey and Keeley.

“New jobs must be our first priority,” said Robinson, “We’ve got to set aside special interests, political point scoring, and the worn out policies of the past to create a new and sensible vision for Michigan. Things are rough now but I believe that impossible situations can disguise great opportunities. We have everything we need in Eaton County to secure our success in future days.”

Robinson, who will attempt to finance his campaign without special interest contributions, hopes to earn and gain the support of district voters across party lines. “The people of Eaton County want someone to represent their families and their peers. They want someone to communicate their beliefs and values at the Capitol – a partner to help ensure the future for their children and grandchildren. We don’t need more politics in Lansing right now we need people – citizen advocates – who will work to improve the lives of ever day folks.”

For more information, go to or call (517) 281-8399.

Bob Robinson for State Representative
Bob Robinson