Timeshare Relief "Get Rid of My Timeshare" Summer Seminars Swing Through Six States May 29 – June 1

Timeshare Relief starts its summer season of complimentary "Get Rid of My Timeshare" seminars from May 29 to June 1, 2009. Thousands of timeshare owners have participated in these seminars to learn about their timeshares, the timeshare industry and the timeshare resale market. They are provided an abundant amount of research and documentation from respected media outlets and governmental agencies.

Torrance, CA, June 01, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Timeshare Relief, Inc. proudly continues its "Get Rid of My Timeshare" seminar series for the summer of 2009. There is an open invitation policy (with required pre-registration) to all timeshare owners. Most previous attendees are owners who have attempted in earnest to sell, list, donate and rent their timeshares, yet have been disappointed with the results. The seminars are complimentary and will be held in various cities in Indiana, Missouri, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Texas from Friday May 29, 2009 to Monday June 1, 2009.

Although there are timeshare owners who would not consider parting with their timeshares, there are certainly others that wish to get rid of their timeshares due to the on-going and ever-rising associated fees like maintenance fees, special assessments and exchange fees. The "Get Rid of Your Timeshare" seminars are intended more for this group of dissatisfied owners, but all timeshare owners are welcome to attend.

The recent events in the economy have created some incredible special assessment fee amounts issued to timeshare owners. These amounts are required to be paid by the contract that many owners have never fully read. When these fees are added to the consistently rising annual maintenance fees, the financial burden is often too much to bare. Some have taken extreme measures of disregarding payment notices with sometimes dramatically dire consequences. It is all contributing to an already soft timeshare resale market.

"We've been hit with several special assessments due to hurricanes in Hawaii and hurricanes in Florida. Refurbishing of units ended up being extremely costly, probably $5000 in special assessments to this date and we are looking at another $3000 next year. We do love the timeshares, but it's just getting too costly. We have two children that do not want to pay the fees." – Mary Dexter, Downers Grove, IL

During the "Get Rid of Your Timeshare" seminar, various topics will be presented. Some of these will include:
- Review the past and present of the timeshare resale market
- Present documented research from governmental agencies, main-stream media outlets and well-known print publications about the timeshare industry and resale market
- Reveal facts about timeshare rentals & exchanges
- Uncover tactics and strategies of the timeshare industry that create a perpetual "timeshare trap"
- Determine the overall cost of owning a timeshare over time
- Provide a proven solution to owners that will end the on-going financial burden related to their timeshares.

"Well I was just a little skeptical because everything associated with the timeshare industry has always been very high pressure. This was not at all -- very informative, very patient, straight-forward. I didn't see any intent to put undo pressure on us for anything. We just realized that it made good sense to get out of it." -- Curtis C., San Diego, California

Timeshare owners who are looking for alternative means to get rid of their timeshare are encouraged to join one of the seminars in their local marketplaces. Pre-registration is required. Please see the contact information submitted with this release. During pre-registration, instructions will be provided as well as the specific seminar time and location. Participants should understand that a sales offer will be made during the seminar. No purchase at any time is required.

About Timeshare Relief, Inc.

Timeshare Relief, Inc. opened its doors in 2004. The now 5-year old company has proudly established an excellent rating from the Better Business Bureau through its focused approach in assisting over 25,000 now-former timeshare owners transfer 38,000+ timeshare contracts. The company has been featured in a number of consumer protection media programs that included many clients who participated to tell their personal stories.

The Timeshare Relief offices are open for pre-registration for the seminars described. The toll-free number is 1-866-797-0535. If lines are busy, please call back. The education and knowledge provided in the presentation could save a timeshare owner thousands of dollars.

Timeshare Relief is not a listing company. Timeshare Relief guarantees their clients a clean exit strategy out of their timeshare contracts. Timeshares must be paid in full and maintenance fees must be up to date. Other qualifications may apply.


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