Small Town Store to Go Live Online, Meeting Customer Needs

Canadian Rocky Mountain store anticipating launch of online store to meet the needs of customers. After years of success and obtaining loyal customers, Timberwolf Rocky Mountain Emporium Ltd. is taking a giant leap to get connected with its best customer; North American travellers.

Vancouver, Canada, June 01, 2009 --( Family owned tourist destination, Timberwolf Rocky Mountain Emporium Ltd had reached its all time milestone. Based on the premise of a high demand of ordering product through the telephone from visitors, Timberwolf has strategized to provide its loyal clients and new visitors with access to the store via Internet at

According to, Jasper National Park is rated as one of the world’s most desirable destinations for experiencing untouched landscapes and wildlife. “…1.8 million people a year visit the park to experience this unique wilderness and World Heritage Site.” Jasper may not be as commercialized as Banff; however, this element attracts those looking for a more personable, friendly travelling experience. Timberwolf’s website is dedicated to provide the online shopper with a similar experience; interactive, friendly and accommodating. In the heart of downtown Jasper, Alberta, park visitors roam the main street to find a special souvenir and bring back a piece of their experience back home. Timberwolf Rocky Mountain Emporium Ltd (Timberwolf) provides a friendly, interactive shopping experience for these customers. Over a year in the making, the anticipation of the launch of Timberwolf’s online store has created a buzz in town and on the Internet. Linking up to multiple websites, including Twitter and Facebook, former and new customers are waiting patiently for the store to go live.

“I came to work in Jasper, from Australia. People from all over the world come into Timberwolf in search of a special piece of memorabilia”, describes Hannah, a sales representative of Timberwolf. “As a sales rep on the floor, I know sometimes customers do not always have the spare time to make all of their purchases. Eventually the will contact us once they arrive home and complete their purchases over the phone. The website will ultimately give our visitors access to our in-store products from their home.”

Timberwolf Rocky Mountain Emporium hired an Advertising graduate from out Nation’s Capital. With an education in Advertising and experience with online advertising and marketing, this individual has applied her skills and knowledge to prepare for the launch of the online store. Timberwolf’s Operations Manager feels confident with his choice to employ a young enthusiastic forward thinking individual that spends the majority of her time online. The two have developed a strong relationship and are more than excited to start making available Timberwolf’s exclusive product online. “There is a market for our selection of product,” explains Dave, Operations Manager of Timberwolf Rocky Mountain Emporium Ltd, “Once I cleaned up in-store, I knew it was time to hire a full time e-commerce manager. I don’t want an automated online store. I want it to be consistent and flow with our store’s culture and work ethics– personable, friendly, interactive and refreshing”. It appears Timberwolf’s optimistic outlook and approach will assist with the success of the online store. “Today, your store is judged based on whether or not you are online or have a website. People look out for this. Dave has made a smart business decision by getting connected and launching a convenient, user friendly online store.” explains Kelly, E-commerce manager. “All retail store owners in town are realizing the importance of having an online presence. The selection of product throughout the town is incredible and deserves more exposure.” Jasper, Alberta is known for its majestic Rocky Mountains, water falls, wildlife, and active lifestyle. This town is about to offer more, especially Timberwolf – the opportunity to purchase a piece of Jasper, from the comfort of your own home.

Timberwolf Rocky Mountain Emporium Ltd welcomes you to follow news and updates on Twitter and become their friend on Facebook. Official website launch June 15th, 2009.

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Kelly Lee, E-commerce and online Product Development Manager
Timberwolf Rocky Mountain Emporium Ltd

Timberwolf Rocky Mountain Emporium Ltd.
Kelly Lee
Launching Website June 15th, 2009