Undersea Warfare is a Dynamic Defence Sector with High Total Revenues and This Revenues Will See Steady Growth as a Result of a Number of Factors, Says Visiongain Report

Brand new unique insight into the full-spectrum of research, development, test and evaluation, engineering and fleet support centre for submarines, autonomous underwater systems, and offensive and defensive weapons systems associated with undersea warfare. Undersea Warfare Systems, 2009

London, United Kingdom, June 03, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Article Source: http://www.visiongain.com/Report.aspx?rid=359

No organisation with an interest in the undersea warfare systems market can afford to overlook this new visiongain study. Undersea warfare is a dynamic defence sector with high total revenues. Visiongain believes these revenues will see steady growth as a result of a number of factors. Visiongain new study details these factors and examines the many opportunities for providers of undersea warfare systems and related technology.

Why you should read this report:
Undersea Warfare Systems, 2009-2018 provides a detailed market and industry analysis for undersea warfare systems, focusing on the following aspects of this expanding market:
• Overview and discussion of the challenges in undersea defence operations past, present and future
• Survey of leading nations’ undersea warfare assets and programmes to enhance their capabilities in that domain
• Discussion of factors that influence development of undersea warfare systems, including market drivers and restraints
• Discussion of leading companies involved in developing and selling undersea warfare systems
• Relevant forecasts for the 12 leading national markets, as well as the global market
• Expert views on current issues and future prospects for undersea warfare systems, including full, proprietary interview transcripts.


The importance of undersea defence
No nation with a coastline can afford to lose control of its territorial waters to hostile powers. From the undersea environment, submarines and other underwater vehicles can strike with impunity if they are not located and challenged in good time. As the importance of blue-water operations decline, the significance of littoral operations should rise. Visiongain believes that these trends will drive steady growth in the undersea warfare systems market, notably in systems that prevent attack or serve as a deterrent.

Opportunities for providers of undersea warfare systems and technology
Although providers of products and solutions in this field must also be aware that the high cost of platforms, coupled with the global financial crisis, may limit demand in the near future, sales in undersea warfare systems should continue to grow as newer, expanding threats in the undersea defence environment become increasingly prominent. In particular, shoreline defence is becoming a vitally important area for investment. The threat of sea mines, including underwater improvised explosive devices (IEDs), potentially deployed by terrorist networks in ports, estuaries and inland waterways, requires new systems optimised for mine countermeasures in shallower waters.

Key content of the report
This new visiongain report - Undersea Warfare Systems, 2009-2018 – discusses the present and future market for undersea warfare systems. This report examines the market critically through a comprehensive review of available information. In addition to relevant sales forecasts, the report highlights pipeline developments and important contemporary issues, including the core commercial drivers and restraints. Key sources include interviews with industry experts, industrial news, policy documents and defence industry research. Visiongain also applies financial forecasting, qualitative analyses and an assessment of currently-unmet needs to provide a comprehensive market-based report with detailed analysis and informed opinion.

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