Herrmann International Releases the Thinking Accelerator™ Featuring HBDIinteractive™

Herrmann International's new blended learning solution provides clients with a fast, effective way of reaching global, dispersed employee populations, giving them the tools and skills to apply Whole Brain® Thinking for better business results.

Lake Lure, NC, June 02, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Herrmann International announces the release of the Thinking Accelerator™ featuring HBDIinteractive™, a blended learning solution that draws on Herrmann’s Whole Brain® methodology to give individuals insight into their own and others’ thinking preferences and the ability to stretch their thinking styles for better results.

The solution, which includes an interactive simulation co-developed with IBM as well as action learning activities for application and reinforcement, is anchored by the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument® (HBDI®), a 120-question assessment tool that provides users with an in-depth understanding of their thinking preferences.

“We developed this solution to help clients reach global, dispersed populations faster and more cost-effectively,” says Ann Herrmann-Nehdi, CEO of Herrmann International, “and also help them get the advantage that comes from embedding Whole Brain® Thinking into all aspects of the business. By combining IBM’s expertise in developing innovative technology solutions with our methods of harnessing the power of thinking styles for real-world application, we realized we could create a blended solution that would meet or even surpass what could be achieved in the classroom alone.”

After taking the assessment, participants enter the simulation world of HBDIinteractive™, a modular online program that mimics the experience of a facilitated classroom workshop. The individual’s thinking preferences are revealed and explored during the simulation, and action learning activities interspersed between the modules provide additional opportunities to apply new skills to real-life challenges. Participants witness firsthand the impact of thinking styles on business results, and they learn how to use Whole Brain® Thinking to increase personal effectiveness in their specific job responsibilities.

“Results drive success,” says Herrmann-Nehdi. “Because the Whole Brain® model helps people reach their goals faster and more effectively, results come more quickly. This blended solution can help accelerate the process even more, and that creates a huge advantage in our current business environment where people are being asked to do more with less.”

Online materials, including a Resource Guide and personal journal, provide on-demand access to reference information, and an online portal can be used to invite team members and direct reports to participate in the program as well as in optional training webinars, coaching and classroom workshops.

Additional information about the Thinking Accelerator™ featuring HBDIinteractive™ can be found on the Herrmann International website at http://www.hbdi.com or by calling 800-432-4234.

About Herrmann International
For over 25 years, Herrmann International has helped clients harness the brainpower of the entire organization to get better results through better thinking. The company’s Whole Brain® Advantage solutions, which encompass classroom and online training programs, a certified practitioners program, and decades of research into the brain and thinking, are rooted in the highly validated Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument® (HBDI®) assessment tool. Nine out of 10 of the Fortune 100 are using Herrmann’s Whole Brain® Thinking approach in leadership development, employee training and strategic applications to achieve significant results such as increased revenue, customers and profits; reduced attrition rates; more productive teams; and improved creativity and innovation.

Headquartered in Lake Lure, North Carolina, with regional headquarters in the Americas, Asia and Europe, clients include American Express, GE, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Memorial Sloan-Kettering, U.S. Navy, Wharton Business School and 70% of the Fortune 500. More information: http://www.hbdi.com

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The Thinking Accelerator™ featuring HBDIinteractive™

The Thinking Accelerator™ featuring HBDIinteractive™

Description of Herrmann International's new blended learning solution, encompassing the HBDI assessment, interactive simulation and action learning activities.