Morrissey’s Latest Certification as Life Coach Helps Strengthen Kitchen Tune-Up Franchises

The #1 remodeling franchise system adds owner coaching to their support offering structure. Heidi Morrissey, now certified Life Coach, works one-on-one with owners to achieve business goals and objectives.

Aberdeen, SD, June 03, 2009 --( Heidi Morrissey is part of the second generation involved in the family-owned Kitchen Tune-Up franchise system. As vice president of sales and marketing, she commands a big presence on the face of the organization. Now, as a Certified Life Coach, with a concentration in business and sales, through the ICF accredited Coach Training Alliance, she is putting that face forward to help individual franchisees reach their goals quicker using coaching techniques to encourage forward momentum.

Working with a full caseload of twenty franchise owners at a time, she customizes the sessions based on each owner’s needs. Identifying what issues might be holding the business back from reaching its full potential, such as sales roles, operational needs or even procrastination, time management skills or just focusing goals on the part of the owner.

“The process is pretty complete.” Morrissey says “Before we even begin, we identify goals the owner wants to work on. We then drill down to prioritize them and make a plan for working on the most important first.” By allowing the franchisee to define their own needs, Morrissey believes they embrace the outcome more than they would otherwise. “They have to be fully present in the process. As a coach, I hold them accountable for completing regular action items, ultimately bringing them closer to their goals.”

This philosophy is supported from the base of the coaching concept. According to the accrediting organization’s website; Business coaches are people developers. They don’t tell their clients what to do; they ask questions. Their message is, “You’re smart. I’ll be a mirror to help you look inside yourself, so you can not only solve this problem, but increase your capacity to successfully manage all areas of your life.”

Sessions began with the first franchise owners in March and so far, results have been impressive. One satisfied participant, Florida franchise owner Gary Stoltz, says that his experience has been great. "The coaching from Heidi has been instrumental in helping me determine where I need to focus my attention in order to enhance and improve my business. I feel that the coaching she is doing for me shows why buying this franchise was a smart investment. This is the kind of support every franchisee needs and as an owner I applaud Kitchen Tune-Up founder, Dave Haglund, for taking the initiative to provide a certified coach who is showing me how to make my business become even more successful."

Typically broken out into four weekly sessions, each coaching period seeks to address one topic only. Sectioning out the goals and objectives this way allows the owners to feel a real sense of accomplishment, a tangible checklist they can see and celebrate as they achieve each one. This makes it easier to keep looking to the next goal, the next success. By focusing energies this way, it keeps the franchise owner motivated to keep achieving their goals.

Morrissey credits her commitment to life-long education for the motivation to pursue and achieve this coaching credential. This February, she was also presented with the CFE (Certified Franchise Executive) title after completing a three year course of study and training from the International Franchise Association. This association is the foremost expert on franchising, franchisee relations and franchise law. Both achievements are now helping Kitchen Tune-Up franchise owners, which gives Morrissey much satisfaction. “I know I’m making a difference, being impactful, and that’s what I wanted to do.”

In order to earn the certification, Morrissey had to participate in an intensive six month training process comprised of live teleconferencing, online media and interactive software applications. Facilitating live coaching sessions throughout that time period gave real-world experience to the students as well. In addition, the curriculum also focuses on business development and marketing so newly certified coaches may successfully operate their professional coaching practice.

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