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Summit Defense Attorney Rabin Nabizadeh Fights PC422 Terrorist Threat Charges

Defendant released after 3 weeks incarceration in highly publicized Bomb Threat case after intervention by Oakland Criminal Defense Attorney, Rabin Nabizadeh.

Oakland, CA, June 13, 2009 --( Alameda County Superior Court May 18, 2009

Summit Defense senior trial counsel, Rabin Nabizadeh was quoted today praising the Oakland District Attorney’s decision to dismiss the Oakland Bomb Threat case.

“Our client is innocent of any wrongdoing. We’re pleased that the D.A.’s office has done the right thing and dropped all charges.”

Prior to Mr. Nabizadeh’s intervention, the Oakland defendant was facing multiple felony counts with significant state prison exposure. The case was of particular interest to the Bay Area Criminal Defense Bar because of a recent spate of aggressive prosecutions alleging criminal threats.

Local defense lawyers like Mr. Nabizadeh, view many of these prosecutions as groundless.

Mr. Nabizadeh has noticed that charges are often filed under PC 422 when there is no specific or immediate threat. Says Rabin, "It’s a first amendment issue and we aggressively seek dismissals in these cases.”

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