MBody Strength Develops the Kettlebell Backpack: the KettleBack™

Brea, CA, June 03, 2009 --(PR.com)-- MBody Strength has developed the first and only kettlebell backpack available. Called the KettleBack™, the new backpack was created to both transport kettlebells and use with a training method called weighted hiking.

“The KettleBack™ kettlebell backpack is an extremely durable and purpose-built piece of equipment,” stated Marcus Martinez, MBody Strength’s founder and member. “With the advice of an active Green Beret and hiking experts, along with some good old trial and error, we were able to develop a high-quality piece of workout gear.”

The KettleBack™ is designed to carry a kettlebell weighing from 9lb to 53lbs. The kettlebell is held securely inside the backpack through the use of a custom-made foam collar and base plate that cradle the kettlebell while several heavy-duty Velcro straps secure it within. Thick upper-back padding, a specialized lumbar support pad, padded waist straps, a reinforcing back plate, and shoulder straps that feature cushy foam with a perforated waffle-pattern to aid with ventilation ensure that you can hike for hours with your kettlebell.

The majority of the kettlebell backpack is composed of Ballistic Nylon, an industrial strength, heavy-duty material originally developed for protection and abrasion resistance. Large, heavy zippers are used throughout the kettlebell backpack along with reinforced webbing and stitching.

In addition, the kettlebell backpack features a hydration bladder pocket, two exterior mesh pockets for water bottles, and an accessory pocket for an iPod, wallet, keys, etc. The two foam pieces that hold the kettlebell are also removable, allowing the KettleBack™ to be used to carry any kind of training equipment, like sandbags, rings, weight vest, etc.

The inventors of the KettleBack™, MBody Strength owners Marcus Martinez and Mark de Grasse, spent a significant amount of time, money, and energy creating the kettlebell backpack. After speaking with hiking experts and an Army Green Beret, several prototypes were created and tested over several months. Each time a prototype was finished, the inventors used it for numerous difficult hikes. The Surburban Warrior Challenge competition series was originally conceived to test the limits of the KettleBack™; to date, no KettleBack™’s have been destroyed.

The MBody Strength KettleBack™ is produced in the United States and each kettlebell backpack is made by hand. MBody Strength carefully monitors each step of production in order to ensure the highest level of quality. Even so, the company still offers a money-back guarantee and a utility guarantee for the KettleBack™. The kettlebell backpack is currently on sale at MBodyStrength.com.

“Once we realized the benefits of both kettlebells and weighted hiking, we knew there would be a need for a kettlebell backpack,” said Marcus Martinez. “We think a lot of people will benefit from using the KettleBack™.”

MBody Strength LLC
Marcus Martinez