Parents of Troubled Teenagers Have Options

Traditional thinking and approaches have placed the blame for troubled teenagers on either poor parenting or the social environment in which children grow up. John Blacker's new eBook aims to dispel those myths and provide renewed hope for parents of troubled teenagers by presenting 10 strategies for parental survival.

Anacortes, DE, August 11, 2006 --( Many parents have been struggling with their troubled teenagers and becoming more and more frustrated and disheartened because most professionals have placed the blame on either the parents themselves or the environment in which the children are growing up. Parents must come to realize that they have options; they are not to blame; society and the environment are not to blame; the poor decisions and irresponsible behavior of the teenager are the problem. Parents can survive the experience of parenting a troubled teenager, but they do face some tough decisions.

What's the #1 most important consideration when coping with a troubled teenager? Taking care of yourself.

Parents have to stop being martyrs and adopt the attitude that they have a right to happiness. Having and raising children does not preempt that right.

Whose fault is it that their troubled teenager experiences problems? It's the "response-able" person - the teenager is the only one that can make the changes required to ultimately solve the problem.

Is drug therapy the answer? In most cases, no! Take ADHD for example. There are drugs available to alleviate the symptoms of ADHD, but they address the hyperactivity only, they don't turn a troubled teenager into a clear thinking person who makes responsible decisions.

What options are available to parents? Parents face some tough decisions in addressing the problem of parenting a troubled teenager. Perhaps the most difficult decision they face is the realization that they have a problem and it isn't going to disappear on its own. Parents have options, but most of them require making very tough decisions. Many parents are in denial and those that continue to have problems refuse to make the tough decisions required and lack follow-through. provides information to parents struggling with troubled teenagers. Their eBook, Survival Strategies For Parents of Troubled Children, provides parents willing to make tough decisions and desiring to take back control of their families, help, hope and resources that work!

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