Ocean Spray CEO Randy Papadellis on the Company’s $1.9 Billion Secret Formula Exclusively in the June Issue of ExecDigital.com

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Carlsbad, CA, June 04, 2009 --(PR.com)-- CEOs are commonly faced with the challenges of growth, innovation, revenue, and more often than not, politics. This was certainly the case for Randy Papadellis, CEO of Ocean Spray, when he was made CEO of the famous Cranberry juice brand in 2003 as the fourth CEO in four years. Papadellis talks to ExecDigital.com (www.execdigital.com) in the June issue about getting the company’s approximately 800 growers on the same page as the Board of Directors, averting a sale to Pepsi and stumbling upon the concept behind Craisins.

Quotes from the article:

· Randy Papadellis on his role as Chief Alignment Officer: “When I came in as CEO, I sat down with the board and I said, ‘I know how this picture finishes. We’re going to write a different ending to this picture. The first thing we are going to do is we are going to get alignment on exactly what our growers want.”
· Randy Papadellis on complacency: “I have always lived with the mantra: ‘If it ain’t broke, break it. Complacency is the biggest risk of any successful business.”
· Randy Papadellis on making Craisins a household name: “We had them out as snacks in a bowl during a meeting and saw people were just popping them into their mouths. So we asked the question what if we reposition them as a healthy, dried fruit snack. And the rest is history.”
· Randy Papadellis on avoiding food poisoning: “If you’re ever at a restaurant where you think you might get food poisoning, if you drink a glass of cranberry juice before you eat the meal, there is very little chance of you getting food poisoning.”

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