Cane-Do-Kai Usa Announces American Cane Self Defense Level 1 Instructor Monthly Certification Seminar Series

Miami, FL, June 04, 2009 --( Cane-Do-Kai USA founder and Senior Cane Master Joe Robaina today announced on going, monthly Cane Self Defense instructor qualification seminars at Cane-Do-Kai headquarters in Miami, Fl.

Cane-Do Kai U.S.A. is a complete martial art that teaches self defense, personal fitness, and natural healing methods centered on the use of the walking cane. The Cane-Do-Kai system called “The American Cane Self Defense System” includes corresponding hand-to-hand applications for when the practitioner is not carrying his/her cane.

When asked about the seminars, Senior Cane Master Robaina said; “Seminars will be one day, all day events held every month, and will include six hours of private instruction a training cane and a copy of the instruction on video they’ll be able to take home”.

Senior Cane Master Robaina also said: “Attendees will be qualified at a level one. They’ll learn the fundamentals of the American Cane Self Defense System including Power Foundations, Five Basic Power Shots, 12 Strike/Defend Zones as well as the “Dirty Dozen” cane self defense application with empty hand translations. They will be qualified to teach the same to others as well be able to teach Cane-Fu, which is the adaptation of the American Cane Self Defense System for the senior population”.

Anyone interested in learning more about Cane Self Defense, seminar schedules should visit or contact Senior Cane Master Joe Robaina directly at 786-346-9150.

Cane-Do-Kai USA
Joe Robaina