New Underdog Article Directory Changes Lives

A David verses Goliath story? It remains to be seen if this small article directory can continue to provide the broad channel it has initially engineered to give people a unique voice when up against the giants in the article directory arena.

Clayton, CA, June 04, 2009 --( "We are making a difference in people's lives, said Brad Hodges President of, we are providing them a forum, a platform to share their life experiences and at the same time enhance their businesses."

"The average person does not usually get a voice that can potentially be heard by millions of their fellow human beings, but article publishing in our small directory provides them that voice without getting lost in the sometimes hundreds of thousands of articles in the larger article directories," he went on.

Providing a vehicle for people to write about their unique talents, new products and services, technical expertise's, professional practices and scholarly advice, down home intuition, artistic counsel or culinary revelations is what article directories exist for. As well, they provide a depository of rich information for others seeking quality content to use for free, for a website, blog or other media publication as long as they include credit to the writer for the article.

At the end of these articles what is called an "Authors Box" is allowed in which the writer may provide contact information to direct readers to their website or provide other publicity type of information that helps bring traffic to their business. The article provides interesting and useful information that people are seeking about a particular niche and the author box dispenses links for the reader to seek further information and therefore opportunity to purchase products or services they are searching for.

The problem is that as these directories increase in size those carefully crafted and well written article expressions can sometimes get lost in the sheer numbers submitted to the larger directories making it more difficult for people seeking the information they desire to find them.

"What we are endeavoring to provide is a small to medium size article directory that retains the ability for articles to be easily cataloged and therefore located but at the same time providing the autonomy of the writer to be recognized and spotlighted for their efforts," Hodges added.

Article writing and publishing is becoming a standard on the Internet for getting the word out. Whereas before the advent of the worldwide forum the Internet provides, it was virtually impossible for the average person to be able to gain such exposure without resorting to costly advertising and marketing, the field has been leveled allowing an average small business to cost effectively advertise on a level never seen, before through article marketing.

"Our goal is to combine all the positive benefits of article writing and publishing the larger article directories provide with a small town dedication to service and quality the lean and faster responding smaller directory gives, so as to attract quality writers to us to submit their articles," Hodges concluded.

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