New Treatment for People with Chronic Back

Arvada Doctor has a simple, natural procedure for anyone suffering from chronic or acute back pain.

Arvada, CO, June 04, 2009 --( “Before you succumb to surgery for back pain, I challenge you to try a new therapy first,” says Dr. Nick DelVecchio, a chiropractor from Arvada, CO. who has treated over 6500 patients with back pain. “We get a lot of patients who were in chronic pain and told by their primary care physician that they really had no other option other than surgery. They chose our office as a last ditch effort. To their surprise, in numerous cases, we have been able to get these patients fully recovered without the need for surgery or pain medication.”

Dr. DelVecchio has been helping chronic back pain patients since he graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1975 says. "People think all chiropractors are the same and all treatment is identical. But it's not. Dr. DelVecchio incorporates several new and unique therapies depending on the exam findings of each patient. One major treatment that is missing in all other professions is the use of oxygen during therapy. Your brain and body cannot function unless oxygen is taken in and utilized. Our office uses oxygen concentrators with our treatment. A simple test can tell if a patient needs this treatment.”

Dr. DelVecchio offers new patients a complimentary office visit with a $20 donation to the Hope House in Arvada. Dr.Nick DelVecchio, D.C. is located at 7595 W. 66th Ave. in Arvada. Telephone: 303-422-3657. Website:

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Dr. Nick DelVecchio
Nick DelVecchio